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August 11, 2008

8/11 - S. S. Badger in Sturgeon Bay for repairs - Matt Ludvigson

SS Badger docked at Bay Ship

Bow close up

As seen from across the bay 4

Stern of the Badger

8/11 - Welland Canal traffic - Frank Hood

Algosea in Lock 1

Leaving Lock 1

Yucatan entering Lock 7

Stern view

In Lock 7

8/11 - Edward L. Ryerson in bound to Hamilton - Bill Potts

At the Burlington Ship Canal

Approaching the lift bridge

Stern view

8/11 - St. Lawrence Seaway traffic - Ron Beaupre

The yacht Itasca, built in 1961, is formerly the Smit Salvage tug Thames

Itasca meets Federal St. Laurent below the Iroquois Lock

Itasca General History:
Built: 1961 by J. K. Smit in Holland (1 of 4 sister ships)
Original name: Thames
Built as an ocean going salvage tug which operated world wide until 1979
Purchased and converted to a yacht in 1979

8/11 - Rough Weather at Death's Door - Matthew Ludvigson

The car ferry Washington at dock

The angry waters of Death's Door break over the bow of the Washington

The Robert Noble departs Washington Island's Detroit Harbor

Stern of the Robert Noble

Arni J. Richter and a distant saltie navigate the rough waters of Death's Door in the setting sun.

8/11 - Maumee - in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain

Maumee out in the bay

Close up

Crewmember landing

Tied up and unloading salt

Bow view

8/11 - Welland Canal traffic - Michel Gosselin

Daniella has just left Lock 1

Stern view

Yucatan just left Lock 4 East

Bow view

8/11 - St. Mary's Challenger in Grand Haven - Drew Dewit

Unloading cement at the St. Mary's Terminal



Stern view from across harbor

8/11 Federal St. Laurent in Lorain - Rick Tucker

Docked and unloading coke

Stern view

Passing thru the Berry Bridge

Lead "G" tug California

Trailing tug "G" Iowa

8/11 - Yucatan downbound at Iroquois Lock - Murray Blancher

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