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August 12, 2008

8/12 - Activity at the Marquette Ore Dock - Doug Strain

Herbert C. Jackson waiting to load

Bow profile

Pellets pouring down the chute

Michipicoten waiting to load.

Head on view

Kaye E. Barker approaching the dock

Closer view

Bow view

Full view

Ships names painted on the loading chutes for docking

8/12 - St. Lawrence Seaway - Ron Beaupre

Petrolia Desgagnes comes out of the fog on her way up the St. Lawrence at Mariatown

Algosteel steams up the river heading for Toledo and the Ironhead Shipyard.

8/12 - Sarnia/Point Edward traffic - Marc Dease

James Norris up bound at Vantage Point.

Canadian Transfer up bound astern of fleet mate Norris

Agawa Canyon down bound above buoys 1 & 2

American Valor follows the Canyon down bound

St. Clair down bound at buoys 1 & 2

Head on view of the Algocape

Algocape making the turn at buoys 1 & 2

Algomarine down bound above buoys 1 & 2 having just met fleet mate Peter R. Cresswell

8/12 - James Norris & Algorail in Marinette - Dick Lund

James Norris heads for the dock at Marinette Fuel & Dock

Unloading salt early Monday morning

James Norris finishing unloading just after daybreak

Close-up of the deckhouse and boom

The Norris backs out of the inner harbor

The inbound Algorail heads for the Norris, which is still turning around in the bay

The inbound Algorail passes Menominee North Pier Lighthouse

Algorail unloading salt around noontime

Dockside view of the unloading

Algorail backs out of the inner harbor passed the lighthouse

8/12 - Detroit River traffic- Andy Severson

The Queen up bound

Passing Caesars Windsor Casino

Samuel Risley slowing to work a buoy in the upper river

Huron Maid, J.W. Westscott and Curtis Randolph all on station

Passing the up bound Friendship

The Ivory Coast and her barge Exiderdme No.1 at Stroh River Place

Close up of tug

You can see the barges former name

Bow view of the pair

Downtown Detroit on a fall like day in August.

Jane Ann IV at Sterling fuels. Her barge Sarah Spencer in the back round

Close up of the coupling system

Spencer unloading

Stern of the Invincible and her barge McKee Sons unloading

Bow shot of the Invincible and the McKee Sons

Tug Princess tied up in the Rouge River

Tugs Shelia Kate and William Hoey

Tug Shannon tied up at the Gaelic dock.

Tug Patricia Hoey

Tug Carolyn Hoey

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