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August 13-14, 2008


8/14 - Daniella, which has been in Toronto for a few days loading locomotives at Pier 52, departing - Charlie Gibbons

Daniella being assisted by tug Omni Richelieu


8/14 - St. Lawrence Seaway traffic - Kent Malo

Algoeast up bound above the Cote Ste Catherines wharves headed to Sarnia

Stern view

Tug Radium Yellowknife and her loaded barge Radium 625, down bound in the St Lawrence Seaway behind the Water Drum Restaurant at Kahnwake

Close up of the tractor pulling the heavy lift equipment

Close up of the tug Radium Yellowknife

Another tractor at the bow of the Radium barge 625

Large piece of unidentified equipment loaded on the heavy lift unit, I believe this was all going to Quebec

8/13 - Traffic on the Rouge and Detroit Rivers - Chuck Wagner

Saginaw retrieving her crew and getting underway after unloading at the Brennan Street dock.

Backing down the Rouge River after passing through the Jefferson Ave. bridge.

John J. Boland upbound after unloading in Toledo with the Ojibway in the background unloading at ADM in Windsor.

Robert S. Pierson downbound in the Detroit River

8/13 - Fairport Harbor visitors - Bob Hunter

Maumee waiting to unload stone at Carmeuse Limestone in Fairport Harbor

Followed by the John B Aird which is taking on a salt load

8/13 - S.S. Badger passing thru Death's Door enroute to Sturgeon Bay - Lou Small

8/13 - American Courage in Bay City - Todd Shorkey

American Courage departing the Bay Aggregates Dock

Stern view headed for the Front Range

8/13 - Marinette visitors - Dick Lund

Agawa Canyon unloading salt at Marinette Fuel & Dock

Dockside view of the unloading (almost 3 shiploads of salt are now on the dock)

Agawa Canyon backs past the lighthouse after unloading

Three shiploads worth of salt

BBC Elbe unloading wind turbine parts at KK Integrated Logistics with Viking I in foreground

8/13 - Sarnia/Point Edward traffic - Marc Dease

American Courage up bound at Vantage Point

John D. Leitch up bound at buoys 1 & 2

American Courage follows the Leitch into Lake Huron

Capt. Henry Jackman up bound at Vantage Point

Peter R. Cresswell down bound at buoys 1 & 2 having just met the Jackman

8/13 - Detroit area visitors - Chuck Wagner

Canadian Transfer headed up the Detroit River

Canadian Transfer and the Ojibway at ADM.

John G. Munson unloading stone at the Carmeuse River Rouge lime plant

8/13 -Badger in Sturgeon Bay - Russ Cihlar

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