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August 16, 2008

8/16 - Mississagi in for repairs at Sarnia - Marc Dease

Backing into the Government dock in Sarnia for prop repairs.

Stern shot with the American Republic up bound at Vantage Point

Alongside the dock

Stern high in the water for prop repairs.

8/16 - Two vessels anchored in the Port Dalhousie anchorage - David Bull

The tanker Oriental Kerria is waiting to dock on the north shore of Lake Ontario at the refinery in Clarkson

Mega yacht Itasca starboard side

Itasca starboard quarter

Itasca stern

Itasca bow

8/16 - Busy day on the Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey

Olive L. Moore and Lewis J. Kuber upbound at Smith Park in Essexville

Stern view

Departing the Wirt Bay City dock Thursday evening

Gregory J. Busch and STC 2004 downbound at Dow Chemical

Busch Stern view

Agawa Canyon upbound at the Essexville Range Light

Agawa Canyon stern view

CSL Tadoussac inbound at the Essexville Range Light

Stern view

Algoway outbound at Bay City Wirt

Passing the Moore/Kuber

Gregory J. Busch outbound past the Moore/Kuber

Agawa Canyon leading the CSL Tadoussac inbound

8/16 - Recent Marquette Upper Harbor Ore Dock Activity - Rod Burdick




8/16 - Western Lake Erie scenes - Erich Zuschlag

Jiimaan loading in Leamington for Pelee Island

Pelee Islander passing

Sandra Mary and barge at the West dock of Pelee Island

Jiimaan at the West Dock

Tanker Cemba at Scudder

Canadian Transport passing Pelee Island

Canadian Enterprise passing behind the Pelee Islander

Jiimaan heading for Pelee again

Stern view from the Pelee Islander

8/16 - Scenes off Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain

Algoway in the shipping lane off Alpena

Another view

H. Lee White heading to Stoneport

Remains of the Nordmeer wreck

Middle Island Lighthouse

8/16 - Point Edward/Sarnia action - Marc Dease

James Norris up bound at Vantage Point.

The Norris heads into Lake Huron

Edwin H. Gott head on view down bound.

The Gott making the turn at buoys 1 & 2.

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