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August 18-19, 2008

8/19 - Hamilton traffic - John McCreery

Yankcanuck passing inbound under the Burlington Canal lift bridge

Close-up of the after-end

Profile of the ship entering the harbour

Canadian Leader, Edward L Ryerson and Algonorth line the Dofasco Dock.

Norman McLeod and tug Everlast underway

McLeod approaching the Burlington Canal with the Yankcanuck in the background

Tug Everlast and Barge bound for Nanticoke

Stern view as they approach the bridges

8/19 - Double rainbow over Edward L. Ryerson on the St. Clair River - Dr. Joseph Macri


8/19 -
Toledo Docks - Bob Vincent

James Norris backing under the coal rig

James Norris steam winch (yellow rods are the controls)

Bow view

Another view, heading for Hamilton, ON

Tug Salvor with Barge Lambert Spirit waiting on transit coal

8/19 - Marquette Upper Harbor Activity - Rod Burdick

John J. Boland arriving

Robert S. Pierson departing

8/19 - American Spirit at BayShip - Mike Schultz


8/19 - Herbert C. Jackson loading taconite at Marquette - Roger Garner


8/18 - Activity at Hamilton and Port Weller - John McCreery

Canadian Provider being unloaded while the Canadian Leader waits at Dofasco

Edward L Ryerson entering the Burlington Piers

Ryerson saluting under the bridge

Stern view as she heads for the anchorage to await her turn at Dofasco

Dredge Atchafalaya lowering in Lock One

Atchafalaya at Port Weller

Stern view as she heads out to Lake Ontario

ASI Clipper at Port Weller

8/18 - Maumee in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain

Maumee by the breakwall, lowering the workboat

Workboat going ahead

New paint on the unloading boom

Unloading salt

8/18 - Point Edward traffic - Marc Dease

Tug Victory and barge James J. Kuber down bound at buoys 1 & 2.

Arthur M. Anderson heads into Lake Huron

Algorail follows the Anderson into Lake Huron

James Norris down bound having just met the Algorail.

Mesabi Miner heads into Lake Huron

John D. Leitch down bound having just met the Miner above 1 & 2.

Head on view of the unmistakable Leitch.

Algoway down bound having just met the Miner above 1 & 2.

American Mariner down bound above 1 & 2.

CSL Laurentien down bound

8/18 - St. Lawrence Seaway traffic at Brockville - Murray Blancher

Atchafalaya downbound

Another view

Taviland  up bound


Taviland's accommodations block

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