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August 21-22, 2008


8/22 - Charles M. Beeghly arriving in Duluth - Glenn Blaszkiewicz


8/22 - Tug Ivory Coast & barge Exiderdome I at the Port Of Toronto - Dave Robinson

8/22 - Tugboats At Hamilton - John McCreery
Le Groupe Ocean have up to 3 tugs based in Hamilton and they frequently service the west end of lake Ontario often appearing in Toronto or Oshawa. This pair were caught returning to home base and make an impressive sight with their bow waves and wake as they pass through the Burlington Ship Canal with lots of pleasure boat company.

Entering the Burlington Ship Canal Piers

Pleasure Craft meeting the Work Horses


Omni Richelieu

Into the Harbour with the Halifax backing into Stelco

8/22 - Joseph L Block unloading in Manitowoc, WI Thursday Morning - Tiffany Messner

8/21 - Historical Perspective - Manitowoc Engineering yard, Manitowoc, WI. July, 1966 - Craig Olson

City of Saginaw 31



8/21 - Point Edward/Sarnia action.- Marc Dease

Sarah Spencer/Jane Anne IV down bound at 1 & 2.

Capt. Henry Jackman closing fast on the much slower tug and barge

Indiana Harbor making the up bound at 1 & 2.

Canadian Provider follows the Harbor into Lake Huron

Canadian Ranger down bound having just met the Harbor and Provider.

Canadian Ranger making the turn at 1 & 2.

Paul R. Tregurtha down bound with coal for Recors

Ojibway about the make the turn at 1 & 2.

Maumee down bound above 1 & 2.

Algoway up bound at Vantage Point having just fueled at Imperial Oil.

Edward L. Ryerson up bound at Vantage Point

Edward L. Ryerson heads into Lake Huron

Lee A. Tregurtha down bound above 1 & 2

John G. Munson making the turn down bound

8/21 - St. Lawrence Seaway traffic - Ron Beaupre

Beluga Fighter brings windmills to Ogdensburg on her first trip up the Seaway.

Evans McKeil runs light down the river at Mariatown

8/21 - Alpena in Milwaukee - David Borzymowski

Bow view

Port quarter


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