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August 23, 2008


8/23 - Beaver Island scenes - Roger LeLievre

Package freighter American Girl, built in 1922.

Beaver Islander leaves for Charlevoix.

St. James Harbor Light

Beaver Islander arrives at the island at sunset.

Fish tug Bob S, at the Beaver Island Marine Museum.

Marine museum houses a lifeboat from the ill-fated Carl D. Bradley.

Passing the Emerald Isle in mid-Lake Michigan.

Tug Shamrock, owned by Martin Gas and Oil.

8/23 - Calumet unloads in Cleveland - A. Leonard

Calumet unloading at Ontario Stone

Bow up tight to the Willow Street Bridge

Unloading in the center of the Old River Bed

8/23 - INLS Tow from Marinette Marine - Dick Lund

Stern view of the Basic Marine tug, Nickelena, after passing through the Ogden Street Bridge

Stern view of the tug towing three INLS craft behind

Side view as the tug comes out of the inner harbor

The tug, Erika Kobasic, waits with 3 more INLS craft out in the bay for the Nickelena to catch up

Stern view as the Nickelena makes the turn out of the Menominee River

8/23 - St. Lawrence seaway traffic - Ron Beaupre


Evans McKeil tows Techno-Venture up through the Iroquois Lock.

Techno-Venture was built at Blyth Drydocks in England in 1939. She will be broken up

8/23 - Cleveland visitors - Allen Seremak

Yamaska arriving at the Port of Cleveland

Yamaska waiting to load steel coils

Yamaska, hatches open

Algoway unloading gravel, Cuyahoga River, Cleveland

Cuyahoga unloading gravel, Cuyahoga River, Cleveland.

8/23 - Saginaw in Marquette - Rod Burdick


Arriving at the ore dock

Bow view with dock locomotives

8/23 - St. Lawrence Seaway traffic - Murray Blancher

Beluga Formation anchored at Prescott On.

Beluga Figther unloading at Odensburgh Ny.

Evans McKeil

Evans McKeil & Techno Venture upbound at Iroquois Lock

Another view

8/23 - Port Huron Traffic.- Ed Schuyler

Edward L. Ryerson up bound.

Heading to Superior WI

American Victory down bound.

Heading to Ashtabula OH

McKee Sons down bound

8/23 - Point Edward/Sarnia traffic.- Marc Dease

Manistee up bound at Vantage Point.

Manistee making the turn at buoys 1 & 2.

Canadian Leader up bound

Algontario heads into Lake Huron.

Birchglen down bound at 1 & 2 having just met fleet mate Pineglen.

Saginaw down bound at 1 & 2.

American Victory down bound

Tug Invincible and barge McKee Sons down bound

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