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August 24, 2008

8/24 - Maritime Trader above the Snell Lock - Michael Rodaway

Maritime Trader downbound in the pool between Eisenhower & Snell.

Capt. Vaughan Kendall of the Maritime Trader

Best bunch of Newfoundlanders on the Lakes

Details of aft end

Stern view

8/24 - Marquette visitors - Lee Rowe

Billmaier, Hammond Bay and H J Schwartz dropping stone onto the lower harbor breakwall.

Canadian Leader at the dock

Great Lakes Trader/Joyce VanEnkevort unloading stone

Keweenaw Star on a tour.

Mesabi Miner unloading coal on Friday

8/24 - The Stephan B. Roman departs Rochester, NY after her first trip in over a year. - Tom Brewer



8/24 -St. Lawrence Seaway traffic - Michael Rodaway


The Commodore Straits & it's tow, Heavy lift vessel Marine Link Explorer in Three Rivers

Commodore Straits & Heavy lift vessel Marine Link Explorer

Stern View of the Aivik

Bow view of Aivik.

Close up of repairs to the bow after being struck by the Flinterland

Damage on the starboard quarter of the Flinterland after striking the Aivik in Valley Field, Que

Looking over the shoulder of the wheelsman aboard the Kaministiqua as we approach the Valley Field bridge. Wilf Seymour, beyond, waiting to pass through down bound.

8/24 - Erika Kobasic departing with another set of INLS craft from Marinette Marine. - Scott Best


8/24 - Basic Marine tugs in the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal - Scott Best

Nickelena leads the Erika Kobasic down the ship canal

Erika Kobasic close up in the ship canal following the Nickelena.

Close up in the Ship Canal.

Another view approaching Michigan St. Bridge

Stern view heading to the Bay of Green Bay.

8/24 - Welland Canal traffic - Michel Gosselin

Sichem Defiance approaching Lock 2

Stern view

Marlene Green just left Lock 1

Turid Knutsen approaching Bridge 4

Stern view

Yacht Lady M tied up in Port Dalhousie

Melissa Desgagnes approaching Bridge 5

Stern view

Apollon pass through Bridge 4

Stern view

Garganey just left Lock 1

M.R. Kane & convoy about to enter Lock 7

Side view of Annie M Dean

Stern view of convoy

Radium Yellowknife with some barges

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