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August 27, 2008

8/25 - Recent traffic at Port Dolomite in Cedarville -- Chuck Wagner

Tug Olive L. Moore / Barge Lewis J. Kuber

View off the starboard quarter

View from astern

Another load of stone being delivered from the quarry to the dock.

Calumet inbound

Starting her turn to starboard

Backing down to the dock

Philip R. Clarke with her boom swung to starboard while loading the aft hold.

View off the port bow

Topping off the forward hold before getting underway

Underway for CN Dock #6 in Duluth.

Tug Joyce L. Van Enkevort / Barge Great Lakes Trader

View off the port quarter

Saginaw loading her forward hold.

View off the port bow

8/27 - Elton Hoyt 2nd in winter storm, Lake Superior, late 1997 - Jim Gonion





8/26 - Barge Petrochem Producer& tug Galveston downbound at Brockville, Ontario - Murray Blancher

8/27 - Vantage Point traffic - Bruce Hurd

Marlene Green downbound

Ojibway upbound

Marlene Green and Ojibway passing

8/27 - St. Clair River traffic - Mark Shumaker

Manistee down bound at Algonac State Park

Tug Matt Allen docked at Marysville

Flinterland up bound at Marine City

Damage to Flinterland caused by collision with Aivik

Ojibway down bound at Marine City

8/27 - G. L. Ostrander/Integrity at St. Joseph, MI - Jim Lindholm




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