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September 4, 2008

9/4 - Karen Andrie/A-397 in Buffalo - Brian Wroblewski

Tug/barge Karen Andrie/A-397 coming around the turn in the Black Rock Canal above the Peace Bridge while outbound for Lake Erie.

The A-397 is shown empty and riding high in the water and this shot shows why the tug has an upper pilothouse for better visibility when pushing light.

Detail of the new articulated pin system has recently been installed in the Karen Andrie.

The tug tightly wired into the notch and pushing her barge as they pass the new Buffalo State boathouse area of the Black Rock Canal.

The pair heading through some tight marker buoys in the turn just below the reach that leads to the North Entrance and the lake.

9/4 - A view of the Lake & Rail Elevator on the Buffalo River showing the recently installed self-unloader hopper. The sheet metal work seems to be done along with a catwalk around the structure and the installation of a dockside dust abetment piping system. Both Marine Legs have been moved to the extreme North (right) end of the dock face.- Brian Wroblewski


9/4 - Recent traffic around Michigan -- Chuck Wagner

Charles M. Beeghly underway in the River Rouge turning basin after unloading at SeverStal.

Lining up to pass through the Dix Avenue bridge.

Downbound in the Rouge River passing through the raised Fort Street bridge.

Passing through the raised NS railroad bridge while CSX 5451 waits for the bridge to close.

Beluga Formation upbound in the Detroit River.

Arthur M. Anderson loading at Zug Island for Gary.

Steam plume rising from a coke quench in the background.

John J. Boland inbound Port Dolomite

Getting ready to turn around and back down to the dock

Lines are over to the dock.

Melissa Desgagnes downbound in the Detroit River.

Sunrise at Port Dolomite in Cedarville

Philip R. Clarke loading for Duluth

View from the starboard quarter

Waiting to take the forward draft reading.

9/4 - Tim S. Dool inbound on the Calumet River - Steve Bauer

Tim S. Dool inbound under EJ&E bridge with assistance from the "G" tug South Carolina

Making the turn between 92nd and 95th St.

Stopped, waiting for traffic to clear at NS bridge

Approaching 100th St., with tug Zuccolo passing by on port side.

"G" tug Colorado assisting at the bow.

9/4 - St Lawrence Seaway South Shore Canal - Kent Malo


CSL Niagara down bound for Quebec, City, at Kahnawake Mohawk Territorial Lands, under the Canadian Pacific Railway bridges.

M/Y Cracker Bay down bound for Fort Lauderdale

Evans McKeil lead tug with the barge Exiderdome down bound for Montreal

Siemens barge Exiderdome

Tug Ivory Coast on the stern

John D Leitch up bound for Burns Harbor

9/4 - Point Edward/Sarnia action - Marc Dease

Ojibway heads into Lake Huron

Algolake down bound at 1 and 2

Kaye E. Barker down bound at 1 & 2.

Calumet up bound at Vantage Point

Mesabi Miner meets fleet mate
Herbert C. Jackson above the buoys

Mesabi Miner making the turn at 1 & 2.

Algosar making the turn

Yankcanuck down bound

9/4 - Burns Harbor in the process of loading at the Escanaba Ore Dock. - Lee Rowe


9/4 - Katmai Bay up bound at Marine City - Don Detloff




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