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September 5, 2008


9/5 - Duluth-Superior Harbor - Tom Caine

Buffalo at Fraser Shipyard

Miss Laura at Cenex Harvest States Elevator

Edward H. (ex. USACE Forney) at Globe Elevator

9/5 - Lewis G. Harriman beginning to show signs of new paint. - Teresa Parker


9/5 - Soo traffic - Roger LeLievre

Edward L. Ryerson and Indiana Harbor at the locks.

Capt. Eric Treece in the pilothouse

Capt. Treece's family watches the Ryerson lock up.

Ryerson upbound at Nine Mile

Ryerson fans at Mission Point

Yankcanuck under an impressive sky

American Republic

American Spirit approaches the Rock Cut with the Frontenac in the background.

Charles M. Beeghly

Beeghly stern view

Beluga Formation on the Poe Lock pier

USCGC Buckthorn in the MCM Marine drydock

Flinterland carries wind turbine parts to Brazil.

Stewart J. Cort

Cort stern view

Frontenac upbound.

Tug J.D. Graham, the former Detroit tug Magnetic.

Graham stern view

Indiana Harbor up at buoy 67.

Ojibway at the Rock Cut.

9/5 - Federal Oshima arriving at Port Weller - David Bull

Pilot boat leaving Federal Oshima

Federal Oshima starboard side

Bow of Federal Oshima and pilot boat

9/5 - Saginaw downbound at Port Huron. - Ed Schuyler

Down bound near the Huron Lightship

Bow Profile

Stern Profile

Stern view

9/5 - Algoma Spirit at Nicholson's Detroit - Mike Nicholls




9/5 - St. Clair River traffic - Rob Butler

Kaye E Barker and Herbert C. Jackson meet near Seaway Terminal.

Sterns passing

Pilothouse of the Herbert C. Jackson passing under the Blue Water Bridge.

Forward end of the Herbert C. Jackson.

Close up of Mesabi Miner

Mesabi miner stern view

Tug John Spence pushing barge McAsphalt 401

Profile of John Spence

Calumet early in the morning

Calumet upbound past Stag Island.

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