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September 7-8, 2008

9/8 - Detroit traffic - Mike Nicholls

American Mariner unloading coal in the Rouge Short-Cut

Stern view

Beluga Flirtation loading at the ADM Dock in Windsor

Rebecca Lynn at Waterfront Petroleum in the Rouge River

9/8 - Joseph L. Block in the Calumet River - Ken Snodgrass

Clearing the 95th Street Bridge

Block clears the Chicago Skyway Bridge and the 2 adjacent railway lift bridges.

9/8 - J. W. Shelley leaving the St. Lambert Lock passing CSL Laurentian - Angus Kennedy

9/8 - Point Edward traffic - Marc Dease

Montrealais heads into Lake Huron

Buffalo down bound at 1 & 2.

American Courage upbound

Philip R. Clarke up bound above 1 & 2.

American Spirit down bound followed by Algosteel

9/8 - Victory/James L. Kuber at the ore dock unloading stone into the hopper in Marquette's Upper Harbor - Rod Burdick


9/8 - Algoma Spirit in Milwaukee assisted by two "G" Tugs - Dave Borzymowski

"G" Tugs returning to base



Algoma Spirit at the dock

9/7 - J. W. Shelley at Cote Ste. Catherine Seaway lock. - Ken Goslett

9/7 - Detroit River traffic - Mike Nicholls

Nanticoke downbound off Zug Island.

Stern view

Algoma Spirit at Nicholson Detroit, just before departing for Milwaukee.

Stern view

Innovation/Samuel de Champlain upbound at the Ambassador Bridge.

Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain

Stern view

9/7 - Ojibway unloading at Owen Sound elevator - Wayne Brown


9/7 - Robert S. Pierson leaving Ludington - Shawn & Jen Keith

Backing away from the stone dock at Ludington (behind the carferry docks) moments after pulling her boom in after a successful unload.

Clearing the channel and entering the outer harbor

Out beyond the north pier lighthouse

On the open lake and pouring on the steam! Or, diesel

9/7 - J. W. Shelley passing Brockville upbound - Viktor Kaczkowski


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