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September 12-13, 2008


9/13 - Saltwater vessel Antalina, a Great Lakes and Seaway visitor, shown at Detroit in 1999. The vessel was disabled and in the path of Hurricane Ike,
with 22 crew aboard.


Photo: Gene Peterson, from Know Your Ships


9/13 - Point Edward/Sarnia action.- Marc Dease

Head on view of the Canadian Leader downbound

Canadian Leader making the turn at 1 & 2.

Algorail down bound above 1 & 2.

Algocape up bound at Vantage Point

Algocape up bound close behind the American Fortitude

9/13 - American Fortitude loading at Great Lakes Elevators in Owen Sound - Ed. Saliwonchyk



9/12 - Lithuanian trawler tow in the St. Lawrence Seaway - Ron Beaupre

Commodore Straits leads the tow.

Radium Yellowknife holds the trawlers steady by backing her engines.

This pair of fishing trawlers were abandoned at Bay Roberts in 2001.

Treimani and Sekme are bound for the scrap yard at Port Colborne

9/12 - Edwin Gott is assisted under the Blue Water Bridges by two Gaelic Tugs.- Wayne Brusate




9/12 - Adam E. Cornelius at Sterling Fuels - Mike Nicholls



9/12 - New tug Harry Brautigam in the Welland Canal - Michel Gosselin



9/12 - Stephen B. Roman at Essroc in Picton - Jim Winsor




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