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September 14-15, 2008

9/15 - Lithuanian trawlers in Welland Canal - Michel Gosselin

Commodore Straits & Lithuanian trawlers approaching Bridge 21

Lithuanian trawlers Sekme & Treimani

Stern view of the trawlers


Tying up at IMS

9/15 - James Norris in the Rouge River - Jeff Mast

Inbound the Rouge River at Jefferson Ave. with salt for Morton from Windsor Ojibway assisted by the "G" tug Wyoming

At Fort St. with landing crew for handling cables headed ashore

About to unload salt for Morton

9/15 - Hamilton traffic - John McCreery

Federal Ems departing Hamilton after a very short visit

Federal Ems stern view departing for Milwaukee

Canadian Ranger arriving and under the bridges

9/15 - Welland Canal traffic - John McCreery

Frontenac up bound above Lock 7

BBC Maine with wind mill deck cargo approaching Lock 7 up bound

Tug Donald C Hannah down bound to Lock 3

Tadoussac approaching Lock 3

Commodore Straits with the Lithuanian trawlers Treimani and Sekme in lock 1

9/15 - American Fortitude leaving Owen Sound - Ed Saliwonchyk

American Fortitude starts to make her turn departing Owen Sound.

Crosswise in the bay.

Her turn completed and heading down Owen Sound Bay.

9/15 - Welland Canal traffic - Bob Dowson

Persenk at Lock 7

Stern view

Sichem Mumbai

Stern view at Lock 2

9/15 - J. W. Shelley up bound on the St. Clair River - Jeff Mast

Upbound at Stag Island

Above the Black River in dramatic lighting

Upbound above Buoys 1&2 on Lake Huron

9/15 - Jon Paul Michaels and Brenton Michaels, authors of the book "Collision Under the Bridge", at a book signing at Vantage Point. - Violet Bostwick


9/14 - Federal Ems arriving at Hamilton - John McCreery

Inbound through the Burlington Piers

Stern view under the bridges and heading to Pier 14


9/14 - Antalina at Iroquois Lock on July 5, 2000. - Terry Beachen
This is the vessel caught in the Gulf of Mexico during Hurricane Ike.

Sliding along the approach wall

Stern view

9/14 - CCGC Griffon at Amherstburg Coast Guard Base - Dave Cozens

Griffon approaching the Amherstburg Base

At the dock with Gull Isle in foreground

Unloading with S&R Cape Dundas in foreground

Unloading green cans for winter use

Bow view of Griffon

9/14 - Saginaw in Fairport Harbor - Bob Hunter





9/14 - Buffalo scenes - Charlie Dowd


Maumee unloading at the sand dock.

Stern view

Fire Tug Edward M. Cotter moored near the Ohio Street Lift bridge

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