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September 16-17, 2008


9/17 - Charles M. Beeghly leaving Duluth - Glenn Blaszkiewicz

9/17 - Seaway traffic from the Thousand Islands Bridge to the Iroquois Lock - Fritz Hager

Ecosse pulling and Lac Manitoba pushing cable spools from the Ogdensburg, NY staging area to the wind farm on Wolfe Island off Kingston, ON.

Algosteel up bound at Crossover Island between Brockville, ON and Chippewa Point, NY

Stern view of Algosteel

Tim S. Dool up bound light and very fast entering the Brockville Narrows.

Petrolia Desgagnes up bound in ballast a mile below Brockville, ON.

Salty Persenk up bound light at Sparrowhawk Point just below Cardinal, ON

Canadian Leader at dead slow on final approach to the Iroquois Lock.

The 75-foot-wide Leader entering the 80-foot-wide lock with much "groaning and grinding."

A less than 2 foot change in level allows boats to "walk through" at Iroquois. Gates at either end remain open. The boat glides through under power with lock personnel holding lines.

. CSL Laurentian upbound off Maitland, ON. She waited for the Leader below Iroquois, then walked through and continued up bound fully-loaded

9/17 - American Fortitude making her first delivery of wheat to ADM in Buffalo - Brian Wroblewski

Docked and unloading grain into the hopper at the ADM Standard Elevator above the Ohio St. Bridge on the Buffalo River.

View from the Ohio St. Bridge area looking upstream at the ADM Standard Elevator and the Fortitude.

Close up on the stern of the Fortitude showing her alongside the dock and the old marine leg unloading towers, once used to take cargo from straight deckers.

9/16 - The Canadian frigate HMCS Charlottetown in the Port of Cleveland - Bob Hunter

HMCS Charlottetown

57mm BOFORs forward gun


Sparrow Missile launcher and 50 cal machine gun

Harpoon Missile Launcher

20mm Vulcan Phalanx, 4500 rounds per minute

20mm Vulcan Phalanx

William G Mather

9/15 - City of Saginaw 31 entering the harbor at Ludington in 1953 - Nancy Schrader Keith.



9/15 - Historical Perspective - by Michel St-Denis
Federal Salso sunk six yachts in St. Lambert Lock
on June 15, 1975.



9/15 - Duluth visitors - Chris Mazzella

J. W. Shelley at Peavey

Alpena departing Superior

Algonorth at CHS 2

Kaministiqua loading grain CHS 1

Quebecois at CHS 2

9/16 - J. W. Shelley in the Cape Cod Canal - Neil Lambert






9/16 - Paul H. Townsend at Muskegon - Danny Hecko


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