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September 18, 2008

9/18 - Sichem Paris in Hamilton - John McCreery

Sichem Paris in bound to Hamilton

Stern view

Omni-Richelieu heading to East Port to assist with docking the Sichem Paris

Profile of the tanker headed to East Port

Overview of the harbour, tug and tanker

9/18 - Duluth-Superior Harbor activity - Tom Caine

Edward H.

Margot at Port Terminal

J. B. Ford unloading tunnel

9/18 - American Fortitude goes up the Buffalo River - Rob Wolcott
There were a couple firsts in Buffalo as the American Fortitude made its way up the Buffalo River. She is the first vessel of her size to go that far up river and the largest to use the ADM elevator. After some confusion to where she was actually going, American Fortitude made the tight Ohio St. Bridge turn and docked at the ADM Standard elevator. She began unloading immediately while waiting for her inspection crew to arrive. The vessel had loaded in Owen Sound over the weekend.

"G" Tugs Washington and New Jersey on the way to meet the American Fortitude.

Washington leads the Fortitude through the north entrance.

Getting even in the river to line up the in channel between General mills and the Metro Rail facility.

Washington pours on the power

Under the Skyway Bridge.

Tug New Jersey guiding the stern of the Fortitude under the Michigan Street Bridge

New Jersey back to stern to help control

The first maneuver around the Buffalo River Club docks with Washington close on the bow.

Using her bow thruster and with Washington in place to pull in reverse, Fortitude begins her turn to go under the Ohio Street lift bridge.

Once under the bridge, they group moves forward close to shore to get enough clearance on the stern.

Heavy bow thruster action to get the bow around the tight turn.

Almost around the turn!

The American Fortitude is now the biggest boat to make the turn and call on ADM!

Finally positioning

9/18 - Video of J. W. Shelley saluting the Detroit Mailboat J. W. Westcott II down bound at Detroit -Mike Koprowicz





9/18 - A busy lunchtime at Detroit. - Brad Neych

J. W. Shelley downbound

Stern view

The Shelley meets the H. Lee White.

Spar Opal downbound


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