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September 24, 2008


9/24 - Marinelink Tow - Kent Malo

Lead tug on the tow Commodore Straits

Commodore Straits and Marinelink passing the Anna Desgagnes at Cote Ste. Catherines

Commodore Straits and the Marinelink

Marinelink and tug Radium Yellowknife sliding by the Cote Wharf

Commodore Straits entering the lock at Cote Ste. Catherines, Quebec

Crew on board the Marinelink calling out the lock wall distances

Radium Yellowknife rear tug on the tow

Trio up bound for Port Weller at Cote Ste Catherines, Quebec

9/24 - Activity at the Government Dock and Slip Sarnia - John McCreery

Overview of the Government Slip

Beluga Flirtation undergoing repairs

Tug Menasha and Beluga Flirtation

Olympic Merit unloading

Gray Fox touring the slip

Mummery Brothers slipping past the Olympic Merit

Close up of the fishing tug Mummery Brothers

Samuel Risley and Olympic Merit

Sunset and the Olympic Merit

9/24 - St. Lawrence Seaway traffic - Ron Beaupre

Fairchem Colt passes upbound at Mariatown.

Beluga Endurance is outbound for the sea.

9/24 - Recent Point Edward traffic - John McCreery
I have focused my attention here on one hour of Saturday afternoon when three fine older wheelhouse forward lakers all arrived off Point Edward within that time frame. In addition to their shared arrival time they also share the fact that they were all built in 1952

Ojibway seen bow on - the first of three lakers down bound off the lake and all built in 1952

Ojibway showing off her fine lines as she turns at 1 and 2

Bow shot passing the Fort Gratiot Light

James Norris and John G Munson approach as the Algocape heads out

Close up of the Munson which has requested passing the Norris as the latter headed to Reid Stone Dock will be turning in the river

Munson safely past the Norris

James Norris meets the Highlander Sea

Munson turning at 1 and 2 another handsome wheelhouse forward laker from 1952

James Norris also built in 1952 follows the Munson through the turn

Close up of the Norris bow

9/24 - Dredging in the Portage Ship Canal - Danielle Adams

Moving the platform and barge

Some rocks coming up from the bottom

Wide view of the platform, barge and what has already been taken out of the canal

Going back for some more

9/24 - Raffle winners enjoy trip to Beaver Island - Cathy Kohring

Note: Dave and Cathy Kohring won a free round trip to Beaver Island provided by the Beaver Island Boat Co., and recently spent the weekend on the island.

The Emerald Isle is the new modern Ferry that we rode over on.

Pilothouse interior

Wheelsman on the Emerald Isle

Captain Mike Green and the Engineer/Relief Captain for the Emerald Isle

The Gregory J Busch is hauling pulp wood logs off the island and taking them to Escanaba Michigan to be loaded on a train and taken to Wisconsin for milling

Close up of the Gregory J. Busch outside the harbor ntrance to St. James Bay

Gregory J. Busch still at the dock holding the barge fast to the loading dock

The log barge

They loaded logs for the two days that we were there

An old fish tug, high and dry at the island Maritime Museum


The newly re-done tug, Wendy Anne

The Tug Resolute was once owned by a man from DeTour who sold it off and we were surprised to see it again at its new home of Beaver Island.

Ferry Beaver Islander used only during the busy summer season.

Steelhead is the DNR fisheries boat docked in Charlevoix

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