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September 25, 2008

9/25 - Commodore Straits, Marinelink Explorer and Radium Yellowknife at Brockville Ontario upbound - Murray Blancher

Lead tug Commodore Straits

Marinelink Explorer

Stern tug Radium Yellowknife

The complete tow

9/25 - Saginaw River traffic - Todd Shorkey

Manistee outbound on Friday at the Sargent Zilwaukee dock

Stern view

James Norris inbound at the Essexville Ranges

James Norris another view

Stern view at Dow Chemical

9/25 - McKee Sons unloading coal in Manistee - Danny Hecko




9/25 - South Shore Canal and Welland Canal traffic - Kent Malo

Megayacht CV 9 down bound at Kahnawake Mohawk Reserve, South Shore Canal

Catherines Desgagnes up bound at Kahnawake Mohawk Reserve, South Shore Canal

Atlantic Huron down bound at Lock 7 Welland Canal

Nordic Helsinki down bound at Lock 7

9/25 - American Integrity heading for Escanaba thru the haze in Death's Door - C. H. Rutledge


9/25 - Shipping Traffic at Sarnia - John McCreery

CSL Assiniboine at the Bluewater Bridges

Stern view of the Assiniboine as she enters lake Huron

Spruceglen down bound approaching the Black River

American Fortitude down bound on her second recent run from Owen Sound to Buffalo

view and riding high for a loaded ship. Her destination up the Buffalo River may well explain a lighter load

The Kaye E Barker up bound in ballast at Sarnia - another 1952 built ship

Bow of the Barker under the Bluewater Bridges

Kaye E Barker turning at 1 and 2 - Highlander Sea in full sail on the horizon

The tug Barbara Andrie up bound above the Bridges

A parade of sailboats heads out as the Barker moves away

9/25 - Saginaw River traffic - Todd Shorkey

James Norris outbound at Cass Avenue

Stern view at the airport

H. Lee White inbound at the Essexville Ranges

Calumet unloading at Sargent Essexville

Calumet and H. Lee White

9/25 - Marinelink Explorer tow - Ron Beaupre

Commodore Straits pulls the tow up the river.

Radium Yellowknife trails behind Marinelink Explorer as they approach the Iroquois Lock.

9/25 - Point Edward traffic - Marc Dease

Algoway heads into Lake Huron

Canadian Ranger down bound at 1 & 2.

Ojibway heads into Lake Huron

John G. Munson follows the Ojibway up bound

Indiana Harbor down bound at 1 & 2.

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