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September 28, 2008

9/28 - Marinelink Explorer arrives at Port Weller - Paul Beesley

Commodore Straits towing and Radium Yellowknife as the control tug as the Marinelink Explorer moves upbound past Ogdensburg, NY on Wednesday.

Radium Yellowknife starts to tow the Explorer from the wall above Lock 1 to Port Weller Drydock

The Yellowknife is in the dock while the Commodore controls the speed of the Explorer.

Marinelink Explorer in the drydock before the gates are closed.

Commodore Straits proceeding downbound toward Lock 1 with the Explorer in the background

9/28 - Soo traffic - Roger LeLievre

Ojibway entering the MacArthur Lock

Maritime Trader

Hans Lehmann up bound

Sam Laud entering the Mac down bound

Herbert C. Jackson leaving the Mac Lock down bound

CSL Tadoussac

Stewart J. Cort

Cort at the Carbide Dock

Tug Champion

Canadian Ranger

James R. Barker

American Fortitude

American Courage

Zenith Towing's Anna Marie Altman


9/28 - Nadro Marine transporting wind turbines to Wolf Island - Paul Beesley
Story on the News Channel

Nadro's tug Ecosse is dwarfed by a Beluga ship that has delivered windmills to Ogdensburg. Ecosse tows the barge HM8, and is assisted by the tug Lac Manitoba.

Unloading a windmill from the HM8 at Wolfe Island. One of the three blades is seen in the distance and part of the tower is being removed from the barge

Vigilant 1 leaving Kingston, Ont with loaded cement trucks en route to Wolfe Island. These trucks were for an early pour. The barge, S/VM86, was built in Kingston and lengthened at Heddle Marine in Hamilton.

Lac Manitoba and HM8 returning to Ogdensburg with a load of empty trailers. Each trailer will be loaded with another windmill part in Ogdensburg.

Some of the smaller parts of the windmill before loading. Each barge can carry one complete windmill. Each windmill will have 3 blades and will be about 300 feet high when complete.

Vigilant 1 approaching the dock in Kingston after an early morning run to the island

A barge full of wires being towed up the St Lawrence river for delivery to Wolfe Island. This load of wire is all aluminum. Ecosse is the towing vessel.

Lac Manitoba in Ogdensburg behind a fully loaded barge. In the background are the Prescott elevators.

Ecosse's stack and the Captain's bike secured ahead of a loaded barge just before sailing.

One of the tractors used to tow windmill trailers onto the barge.

Another view of the tractor

Beluga Endurance arriving with more windmills. After unloading she went to Hamilton to pick up a load of steel.

Florence M from McKiel Marine has been hired to push the 2nd barge, HM9, while the Seahound serves as the safety tug.

Ecosse setting up the tow line for a trip to Wolfe Island. Some of the people on the barge will move back to the tug before the towline is set. Every windmill trip takes place in the dark, scheduled to arrive at Wolfe Island early in the morning.

9/28 - Welland Canal traffic - Michel Gosselin

Persenk approaching Bridge 5

Stern view

Clipper Loyalty heading toward Lock 2

Stern view

Karen Andre & A-397 heading toward Lock 2

Federal Schelde heading toward Lock 1

Commodore Straits, Marinelink Explorer and Radium Yellowknife tied up at Wharf 2

Close up of Marinelink Explorer

9/28 - Soo traffic - Lee Rowe

American Courage above the locks.


Ziemia Cieszynska

Sugar Islander II challenging the Ziemia Cieszynska

Burns Harbor

Edgar B. Speer at Mission Point

Frontenac from the Carbide Dock area.

Tug Undaunted with the Pere Marquette 41

Olympic Merit

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