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September 29, 2008

9/29 - Golden Hind at Heddle Marine Shipyard - Paul Beesley
The motor Vessel Golden Hind arrived in Hamilton, Ontario earlier this month after a passage from Prescott, Ont. The ship is the former Canadian Coast Guard Ship Simcoe and was primarily a buoy tender, but was also used as an icebreaker. CCGS Simcoe was the oldest operational vessel in the Canadian Coast Guard at the time of her retirement. She was built in 1962 at Canadian Vickers in Montreal. Remaining operational for 45 years, the Simcoe was finally decommissioned and renamed (decommissioning number) 2007-01. She was sold by Crown Assets to a private concern and may be used to conduct survey work on the Great Lakes and lower Arctic. At the time of her retirement she was powered by a twin screw diesel electric plant that gave 12 knot maximum speed. She was 961 GRT and 361 NRT, 54.6 m long, 11.5 m beam and 3.8 m deep. She was classed as ice Class 2.

Golden Hind secured at Heddle Marine with her new name temporarily placed and her old name, 07001, still visible.

Radar scanners, boat and Canadian Coast Guard crest have all been removed.

Tug Jarrett M moving toward the Golden Hind to move her.

Moving the Golden Hind off the barge HM9 so the barge can be moved.

9/29 - Pride of Baltimore II headed up Detroit River in August - Gerald McPhee

Off Wyandotte Hospital

Off Bishop Park

9/29 - Cleveland pictorial report - Bob Hunter

Federal Rhine at the Port of Cleveland

Following the American Republic up the twisting Cuyahoga River

Tight corners

Narrow bridges

More of the same.

The G tugs, California and Iowa waiting at the drawbridge

Tug Iowa

Petite Forte and St Mary's Cement barge waiting at the drawbridge

Petite Forte

Cleveland Rocks enters the Cuyahoga River

9/29 - Mississagi in the Saginaw River - Galen Witham

Approaching the Lake States Rwy. Bridge in Saginaw.

Passing through the Lake States swing bridge.

Clear of the swing bridge, heading outbound towards Essroc Corp.

Making her turn near the US Coast Guard Station Saginaw River.

9/29 - Charles M. Beeghly in the Rouge River - Boatnerd News Staff

Edging past the Diamond Queen

Classic bow profile

Aft side of forward cabins

Stern cabins

Headed for Severstal Steel

9/29 - Sunday at the Welland Canal - Bill Bird

James Norris clear of Lock 3 approaching Homer Bridge

Norris out of Lock 2 with BBC Elbe approaching

BBC Elbe about to enter Lock 2

Federal Rhine stopped in Lock 7 due to a problem with the lock

Another view

9/29 - Buffalo traffic - Brian Wroblewski

Herbert C. Jackson being pulled off the ADM dock by the smokey "G" tug Washington

Jackson underway stern first and headed through Ohio St. with the Washington pulling hard.

The bow is seen swinging just past the Electric Elevator dock.

Through the Ohio St. Bridge with just feet for clearance and still turning.

A rare shot of the Washington leading the Jackson past the GLF Elevator. This is the building recently put up for sale at an asking price of 3.2 million.

Jackson is seen moving towards the Michigan St. Bridge.

The Washington has picked up the tow of the English River as the Jackson departs the Buffalo North Entrance in the background.

The English River in the reach of the Buffalo River off the St. Mary's Cement (Kellogg) Elevator.

English River is seen passing the old GLF. The Marine Leg Tower seen in the photo had the fastest unloading speed in town when it was still in use.

The Washington is seen helping nudge the cement carrier into her berth at the LaFarge Plant on Ohio St. The bridge is kept raised to prevent any possible accident while docking a ship in such close quarters.

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