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October 1, 2008


10/1 - Sarah Spencer still aground on Tuesday. Lightering begins - Barry Pigeon

Solidly aground

A bit of sunlight caught the Canadian Enterprise as it glided past Lakeview Marina on its way to join the Sarah Spencer.

Canadian Enterprise threw on her spotlights as she and the Tugs Wyoming and Superior got within a few thousand feet of the Sarah Spencer.

10/1 - St. Lawrence Seaway traffic - Kent Malo

Camilla Desgagnes down bound after turning on Lake St Louis to make the landing at Cote Ste Catherines wharf.

Stern view of the Camilla Desgagnes, down bound after turning on Lake St Louis to make the landing at Cote Ste Catherines wharf, and load for the lower Arctic Communities.

Commodore Straits and two barges up bound for Prescott Ontario, seen here behind the Water Drum Restaurant at Kahnawake Mohawk Reserve and Territorial Lands.

Commodore Straits

10/1 - Aerial view of Purvis Marine scrap yard - Ron Walker


Foreground-Former Quedoc, now Quedoc Drydock. Middle-Nindawayma.

9/30 - September sights along the Welland Canal.- Paul Beesley

|Sichem Challenge entering Lock 8 downbound

Canadian Armed Forces soldier along the banks of the canal between Locks 1 & 2. He was part of a large group of armed soldiers seen along the canal.

Lower Lakes' Kaministiqua moving toward Lock 2 as a Fednav ship moves out of the lock in the background.

Federal Weser in ballast below Lock 2.

Algolake downbound for Lock 1 and Hamilton at dusk

10/1 - Scenes from my travels from Detroit to Port Huron - Steve Bauer

Agawa Canyon approaching Jefferson St. bridge with the help of the "G" Tug Wyoming.

Heading for Detroit River

St. Clair upbound at Windmill Point.

CSL Tadoussac downbound in St. Clair River at St. Clair.

Agawa Canyon upbound at Fort Gratiot light, Port Huron.

10/1 - Soo traffic - Lee Rowe

Edward L. Ryerson above the locks, early morning.

Ryerson at Mission Point

Ryerson meeting fleetmate Joseph L Block

Edwin H. Gott leading the Sam Laud, Ryerson departing

Edwin H. Gott and "G" tug Missouri. (Gott was having some engine problems so had the Missouri shadow it.)

Sam Laud

Quebecois very early morning

Joseph L. Block

10/1 - Point Edward/Sarnia traffic - Marc Dease

Cedarglen moves alongside the elevator in Sarnia

Cedarglen taking on a load

John B. Aird heads into Lake Huron

CSL Tadoussac down bound at 1 & 2.

American Fortitude down bound at 1 & 2 having just met former fleet mate Calumet( Earl W. Oglebay) and current fleet mate American Mariner.

10/1 - Detroit River traffic - Mike Nicholls

Jane Ann IV off Windsor.

Stern view

J. W. Shelley unloading at the Dunn Dock in Windsor.

Stern view

10/1 - Beaver Island scenes - Robert Gillespie

Re-launch of Cisco after being refurbished for several years on Beaver Island, itís homeport.

Cisco, Wendy Anne, and American Girl in the background

The tug Gregory Busch departing Beaver Island, MI with a load of logs.

10/1 - Scenes around Michigan - Ben & Chanda McClain

Mississagi in the Thunder Bay River

Another view

St. Mary's Challenger anchored off Manistique

Mesabi Miner in the Straits

|Mesabi Miner under fall clouds

10/1 - Mississagi in Goderich - Wayne Brown


Mississagi departing Sifto dock.

Another load on it's way to Alpena

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