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October 4-5, 2008


10/5 - Early morning at the Iroquois Lock - Murray Blancher

Edward L. Ryerson down bound

Mark Hannah and Hannah 6301 upbound

Mark Hannah

10/5 - Menominee traffic - Scott Best


Victory and James L. Kuber arriving off Menominee while Roen is working on dredging the channel off Menominee breakwall.

Heading into port near the Ogden St Bridge in the inner harbor

Stern view heading to K&K Dock.

10/5 - Detroit traffic - Mike Nicholls

American Victory unloading in the hopper on Zug Island

Asiaborg downbound off downtown Detroit.

Cuyahoga unloading at the Dunn Dock in Windsor

Stern view

Kwintebank downbound under the Ambassador Bridge

10/5 - Charles M. Beeghly - Craig Randall


Charles M Beeghly coming into the Duluth shipping canal

Downbound in the Poe lock during the night

10/5 - Cleveland traffic - Bob Hunter

Isadora at the Port of Cleveland

American Republic navigating the turns of the Cuyahoga River

American Republic under the Memorial Bridge

Maumee unloading

American Republic back on the lakefront taking on another load for the mills upriver

10/5 - CSL Niagara passing between the PercÚ Rock and Bonaventure Island on the Gaspesia Peninsula, Quebec - Josiane CotÚ



10/4 - Adam E. Cornelius departing Buffalo Brian Wroblewski

Cornelius backing through the Watson Basin after departing General Mills on the City Ship Canal.

Backing down the Buffalo River Entrance Channel and passing Light House Point.

Cornelius turning on right rudder as she transitions from the Buffalo River into the Outer Harbor.

Clear of the river and backing into the Outer Harbor off the Buffalo Main Light before stopping to head out bow first

Luedtke's dredge equipment now tied up at the Cargill Pier on the Outer Harbor in preparation for dredging the Buffalo River next week.

10/4 - American Valor down bound at Vantage Point - Frank Frisk




10/4 - Vessels at the DMT2, Nicholson's Dock in Detroit. - Mike Nicholls

Alouette Spirit

Stern view

Tug Wilf Seymour

Close up

Donald C. Hannah

Stern view


Stern view

10/4 - M/V Kelly Ovayuak, and barges, tied up in Taloyoak, Western Arctic - Chris Green


10/4 - Wigeon on her first trip in the Seaway. - Ron Beaupre

Upbound at the Iroquois Lock

She was launched on August 31, 2007 at the Tianjin Xingang Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. in China.

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