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October 16-17, 2008

10/18 - J. W. Shelley in bound Toledo - Jim Hoffman

Inbound Maumee Bay

Under tow with the "G" tug Idaho.

Passing the Willis B. Boyer

10/18 - Algowood in Fairport Harbor - Bob Hunter



10/18 - Recent upbound Detroit River traffic - Dave Cozens

American Century followed by Walter J. McCarthy, Jr.

American Century with Boblo Island car ferry Crystal O

Walter J. McCarthy, Jr.

McCarthy stern view

10/18 - Manitowoc heading into LaFarge - Ben & Chanda McClain


10/18 - Toledo traffic - Bob Vincent


J. W. Shelley turning with the help from Great Lake Towing Tug Idaho

Another look at the turning process

Against the wall at the ADM Dock in Toledo. She will be loaded with soy beans.

CSL Niagara heading out after unloading ore at Torco

Kaye E. Barker under the CSX coal loader in Toledo

A look at the shiploader loading coal

Kaye E. Barker heading for Muskegon Michigan

10/18 - Open House aboard the USCGC Mackinaw and Menominee Light - Dick Lund

USCG Mackinaw around noontime was opened for tours

Stern view of the Mackinaw from the second level of the lighthouse

Stern view dockside

Another view of the Mackinaw as the tours continue

A look at the freshly painted Menominee North Pier lighthouse

The left side of the bottom floor of the lighthouse, which is pretty barren

Looking straight ahead where a small galley used to be

Two narrow ninety degree spiral staircases go to the upper levels

Standing on the third level near the ladder looking straight up to the lantern.

10/17 - J. W. Shelley's first visit to Toledo under new name. - Luke Archer

J. W. Shelley loading grain

Loading in the evening sun

10/17 - Busy day in Owen Sound - Ed. Saliwonchyk

Montrealais on her first visit to Owen Sound loading at Great Lakes Grain Elevators.

Grain truck having its load sampled with Montrealais in the background.

Hauling away salt delivered by Cuyahoga while Montrealais loads salt.

10/17 - Philip R. Clarke in Marquette - Rod Burdick

Backing from the ore dock

Departing the Upper Harbor

10/17 - Port Huron Traffic - Ed Schuyler

Mesabi Miner downbound

Stern view

Canadian Miner downbound

Bow profile

Stern view

10/17 - Montrealais loading beans at Owen Sound elevator - Wayne Brown



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