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October 19, 2008

10/18 - Detroit River Amherstburg Channel traffic - Dave Cozens

McKee Sons and CCGC Cape Hurd

John Spence pushing McAsphalt

Karen Andrie and A-357


Big Lift vessel Enchanter

Stern view

The Senator will be sailing out of Windsor as a "party/excursion " boat. It is scheduled to go into service this fall, & will be docked at Dieppe Park. It previously operated on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa as a tour boat. It recently underwent a 'refit at Hike Metal in the port of Wheatley and is seen here on its trip from Wheatley

Another view

10/19 - Catharine Desgagnes at Toledo CSX Coal Dock - Bob Vincent

Aft view. It takes about 6 to 8 hours to pump ballast water

Bow view

Loaded, heading to Chicoutimi Quebec on the Saguenay river

0/19 - Cuyahoga in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain

Cuyahoga unloading salt

Bow view

Bringing in the boom.
S. F. Baird in the foreground

Backing away

Out of the river

10/19 - J. W. Shelley in Toledo - Chuck Wagner

Passing through the Martin Luther King, Jr. Bridge at Cherry Street.

"G" tug Idaho leading the way upriver between the Anthony Wayne Bridge and the NS swing bridge.

Passing through the NS swing bridge with the Andersons elevator in the background

Turning under her own power while the Idaho changes position

Coming alongside the ADM dock.

10/19 - Prescott traffic - Murray Blancher

Capt. Henry Jackman down bound at Port of Prescott

Another view

Capt. Henry Jackman & Atlantic Huron meet

Atlantic Huron upbound at Port of Prescott

Stern view

10/19 J. W. Shelley loading grain in Toledo - Jim Hoffman


10/19 - Soo traffic - Roger LeLievre

Alpena in the MacArthur Lock

Leaving the lock

Stern view

American Victory entering the Mac Lock

Biscayne Bay

Katmai Bay

Philip R. Clarke


10/19 - St. Marys Conquest in Milwaukee - Peter Groh

10/19 - Clipper Katja in Port Colborne - Stephen Thompson

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