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October 22-23, 2008


10/23 - American Victory at Stoneport - Ben & Chanda McClain

Preparing to load

Opening the hatches

Bow profile under the loader

Stern profile

Arthur M. Anderson waiting at anchor for her turn to load.

10/23 - The new Algonova upbound at Tracy, Quebec - Lorraine Morrill



10/23 - Toledo traffic - Bob Vincent

Starlight at Midwest Terminal of Toledo International Dock

Another view

McKee Sons unloading stone at Midwest Terminal of Toledo International Dock

From CSX ship loader, McKee Sons leaving Toledo looking thru  Saginaw's boom

Another view of McKee Sons leaving Toledo

Saginaw unloading stone at Midwest Stone Dock

Saginaw. after under loading stone, took a coal coal to Canadian Soo

Aft view from the coal loader

Bow view from the coal loader

Calumet waiting for the Saginaw, will load for Muskegon, Michigan

10/23 - Duluth-Superior Harbor - Tom Caine

J.B. Ford at Great Lakes Storage, Superior

Edwin H. Gott backing toward CN Missabe ship loader, Duluth

10/23 - St. Clair River traffic - Ron Scherer

Samuel de Champlain/Innovation up bound on the South Channel at Algonac

Meeting the Algorail on the South Channel

10/23 - Historical Perspective - Scuttling of the Norman P. Clement, 10/23/68 - Russ Plumb

On 10/7/68, the canaller Norman P. Clement was damaged in a grounding. While in dry dock, the boat was further damaged in an explosion on 10/16/68 and was considered a constructive total loss. Forty years ago today (10/23/68), the hull was towed out into Georgian Bay and intentionally sunk. The following picture of the event was published in several newspapers.


10/22 - Sarnia/Point Edward traffic - Wayne Brown

John D. Leitch downbound

Canadian Transfer upbound

Algoway at Sidney E. Smith dock.

Canadian Provider docking at Shell fuel dock

10/22 - End of the season Fall Color Cruise aboard the Chi-Cheemaun - Tobermory to Owen Sound - Wayne Brown

Flowerpots on Flowerpot island


Bow view

Cape Hurd lighthouse

Captain entertains

Owen Sound grain elevators

Maggie-private tug that greeted us.

Owen Sound Marine & Rail Museum (ex-CNR station).

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