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October 29-31, 2008


10/31 - Toledo Docks traffic - Bob Vincent

American Valor unloading at Torco

Saginaw loading at CSX Coal Dock

Closer view of the Saginaw

Looking past the Saginaw bow, CSL Niagara leaving Toledo

Another view of the CSL Niagara leaving Toledo after loading grain at Andersons

10/31 - Maritime Trader up bound at the Iroquois Lock - Murray Blancher
Check the snow on the ground!

10/31 - Olympic Miracle is upbound in the Seaway and headed for Detroit. - Ron Beaupre


10/31 - Port Huron traffic - Ed Schuyler

Joseph H. Thompson downbound

Stern View.

Paul R. Tregurtha upbound

Stern View.

10/29 - Toledo scenes - Bob Vincent

American Republic apparently in for lay up.

Another view

Men on the wall tying her up

View of the stern

CSL Niagara loading grain at Andersons "K" Elevator

10/29 - Rouge River traffic - Chuck Wagner

Maumee tucked behind the CN bridge at the Motor City Materials dock.

Hosing down the deck

Peter R. Cresswell getting underway from the St. Marys Cement dock.

10/29 - Hamilton visitors - John McCreery

J. W. Shelley backing into JRI Industries at pier 25 just before sunrise

Shelley docked at pier 25 to load soy beans for Baie Comeau

View of the Shelley with loading underway from across the harbour

Cross harbour view of the Birchglen unloading gypsum

Ojibway entering the Burlington Piers for the first time under her new name

Canadian Miner approaching the Burlington Ship Canal Piers

The Miner entering Hamilton Harbour

Miner swings into Dofasco with ore from Port Cartier as the Hamilton Energy slips by

10/29 - Seaway traffic - Ron Beaupre

The tanker CT CORK heads down the St. Lawrence with a load from Sarnia.

Lake Michigan makes her first trip up the Seaway flying the Canadian flag at her stern

Lake Michigan has the CSL house flag at the yard arm and also their stack colors

10/29 - Duluth harbor scenes - Tom Caine

Vista King and USS Freedom

USS Freedom at DECC

Joseph L. Block unloading limestone at CN Missabe

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