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November 3 - 5, 2008

11/5 - HC-144A visits Cleveland while working in the Ninth Coast Guard District. - USCG
C-144A_01.jpg (68177 bytes)
Coast Guard's newest aircraft
C-144A_03.jpg (66550 bytes)      
11/5 - Edward L. Ryerson arrives in Duluth - LSMMA webcam
ryerson11-4-08.jpg (72108 bytes)        

11/5 - USS Freedom in Milwaukee- LCS-1
- Jason Heindel
1-LCS1-11-5-08-JAH.jpg (56227 bytes) 2-LCS1-11-5-08-JAH.jpg (48340 bytes) 3-LCS1-11-5-08-JAH.jpg (55862 bytes) 4-LCS1-11-5-08-JAH.jpg (61726 bytes) 5-LCS1-11-5-08-JAH.jpg (51464 bytes)
6-LCS1-11-5-08-JAH.jpg (51330 bytes) 7-LCS1-11-5-08-JAH.jpg (61197 bytes) 8-LCS1-11-5-08-JAH.jpg (56310 bytes) 9-LCS1-11-5-08-JAH.jpg (54089 bytes)  

11/5 - William G Mather on the lakefront in Cleveland
- Bob Hunter
1-Mather-11-01-08-rh.jpg (79377 bytes)
2-Mather-11-01-08-rh.jpg (164739 bytes)
Spar deck and its 18 hatches
3-Mather-11-01-08-rh.jpg (71576 bytes)
4-Mather-11-01-08-rh.jpg (108524 bytes)
Bridge and our guide Frank
5-Mather-11-01-08-rh.jpg (126838 bytes)
Les Weston
6-Mather-11-01-08-rh.jpg (137563 bytes)
Engine room and turbines
7-Mather-11-01-08-rh.jpg (157240 bytes)
Prop shaft and bearing housings
8-Mather-11-01-08-rh.jpg (138506 bytes)
Steering gear

11/5 - Duluth-Superior Scenes
- Tom Caine (47408 bytes)
Canadian Transport approaching Duluth (73400 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius docking at Gen. Mills Superior

11/4 - Point Edward Traffic
- Marc Dease
1-nova-10-31-08-a-md.jpg (97102 bytes)
Algonova in the north slip in Point Edward
2-nova-10-31-08-b-md.jpg (88360 bytes)
Receiving stack markings.
3-nova-10-31-08-c-md.jpg (69723 bytes)
Receiving stack markings.
4-nova-11-01-08-d-md.jpg (66956 bytes)
Job well done.
5-nant-10-31-08-md.jpg (55666 bytes)
Nanticoke downbound at 1 & 2.
6-cmin-10-31-08-md.jpg (76240 bytes)
Canadian Miner follows the Tug Invincible and barge McKee Sons into Lake Huron.
7-rsp-10-31-08-md.jpg (55130 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson down bound at 1 & 2.
8-acen-10-31-08-md.jpg (61693 bytes)
American Century making the turn at 1 & 2.
9-buf-11-01-08-a-md.jpg (65415 bytes)
Buffalo heads into Lake Huron.
10-buf-11-01-08-b-md.jpg (61854 bytes)
Following the Peter R. Cresswell into Lake Huron.
12-mon-11-01-08-b-md.jpg (55274 bytes)
Montrealais downbound.
11-mon-11-01-08-a-md.jpg (41242 bytes)

11/4 - Herbert C. Jackson headed up the Rouge River to unload pellets from Marquette at SeverStal - Chuck Wagner
1-HCJ-11-03-08-cw.jpg (49770 bytes)
Lined up to enter the Rouge River
2-HCJ-11-03-08-cw.jpg (72059 bytes)
Approaching the Jefferson Ave. bridge.
3-HCJ-11-03-08-cw.jpg (88527 bytes)
Bow profile.
4-HCJ-11-03-08-cw.jpg (71707 bytes)
CN bridge opening after a Norfolk Southern auto-rack train passed over the bridge.
5-HCJ-11-03-08-cw.jpg (88844 bytes)
Passing through the Fort St. bridge just before the sky opened up.

11/4 -  R/V Sturgeon docked in Charlevoix, MI. - Danny Hecko
1-Sturgeon-Charlevoix.jpg (117174 bytes)
Sturgeon Docked in Charlevoix
2-Sturgeon-Bow-view.jpg (78929 bytes)
Bow View

11/3 - Toledo Docks traffic - Bob Vincent

H. Lee White under CSX coal loader

Looking Aft on deck

H. Lee White heading for Marysville, MI

McKee Sons heading for Midwest Terminal of Toledo International Dock

After unloading at the International dock, schedule to load coal at CSX

11/3 - American Victory loading in Escanaba
- Lee Rowe


Bow view

11/3 - Cuyahoga being towed backward down her namesake river - Bob Hunter

Winding thru the turns

"G" tug Iowa doing the pulling

Using the bow thruster to steer

11/3 - Edward L. Ryerson up bound the Detroit River, headed to lay up - Gerald McPhee

Off Grosse Ile

Between Grassy and Fighting Islands. USACE tug Demolen in foreground.

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