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November 12, 2008


11/12 - E. M. Ford tow - Michael Koprowicz and Angela Messina

Just above the Zilwaukee Bridge

Stack showing her Steam Tyfon and Air Whistle

Below the Lake State Railway Bridge in the Saginaw River

Goodbye to a familiar friend

"Out to Sea" E. M. Ford heads out into the Bay, the Busch has let go and the Avenger IV is taking it from here.

11/12 - E. M. Ford tow passing thru Bay City - Todd Shorkey

Down at Veterans Memorial Bridge

Clearing Liberty Bridge

Passing Through Independence Bridge

Goodbye Bay City

11/12 - Historical Perspective - E. M. Ford - Roger LeLievre

E. M. Ford at Mission Point in the late 1950s. Tom Manse photo

As the Presque Isle, probably in the 1930s. Ed Wilson photo / Tom Manse Collection.

11/12 - Historical Perspective - E. M. Ford - John Leindecker
Photos taken while working as an Engineer for Inland Lakes Management from 1988-1995.


Monday before Thanksgiving 1994, Lake Michigan loaded and headed between White Shoal and Mac Bridge. Left anchor at Garden Island, could not hold anchor and headed for Rabbit Back (St. Ignace) approx 1 p.m.

Almost loaded in Alpena 1990

Leaving MacArthur Lock with
Roger Blough in Poe Lock Oct. 1988

Loading at Alpena

On Lake Michigan

E. M. Ford and S. T. Crapo
 stuck in the ice at White Shoal

11/12 - Seaway traffic in the American Narrows from Stearn's Point, Wellesley Island - Fritz Hager.

Softening steel demand has Quebecois upbound light without an iron ore
backhaul, which is usual on her run back up to the Lakes after a down bound grain load to the Lower St. Lawrence.

Ojibway also upbound light (not unusual - she's a grain boat only).

Ojibway and Everlast (tug) with Norman McLeod (tank barge) pass.

CSL Tadoussac downbound on a rare but second-in-a-row trip down the Seaway.

Stern view

Birchglen downbound under the 1000 Islands Bridge in a November haze.

Birchglen and CSL Niagara prepare to pass off St. Helena Island.

Master salutes between fleetmates, with yelling across the gap from each bridge wing.

CSL Niagara upbound for Lake Ontario, about 30 miles southwest.

BBC Maine upbound for the Lakes with windmill parts.

11/12 - Toledo traffic - Bob Vincent

Loading the barge Lambert Spirit

Tug Salvo and barge Lambert Spirit leaving Toledo

Tug Michigan and barge Great Lakes leaving Toledo

Robert S. Pierson waiting for Lambert Spirit to be loaded

Robert S. Pierson backing under the CSX coal loader

11/12 - Seaway visitor at Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre

Alesia was launched this year at Hoogezand.

She is on her first trip into the Great Lakes.

11/12 - USS Freedom arriving in Port Huron




11/12 - Federal Welland up bound in the Welland Canal and headed to Ashtabula Ohio. - John McCreery

Up bound between Locks 1 and 2

Stern view

Bow view  approaching Lock 2

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