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November 16 - 17, 2008

11/17 - USS Freedom arrives in Buffalo November 16 - Brian W.
1-Freedom-11-16-08-BR-JR.jpg (81431 bytes)
Tugs Washington and New Jersey easing the Freedom against the pier while lines are secured.
2-Freedom-11-16-08-BWJR.jpg (70631 bytes)
The ship has been secured and the tugs released.
3-Freedom-11-16-08-BWJR.jpg (68443 bytes)
Tug Washington was called back momentarily to hold the stern in against the dockface as the boarding ladder was put in place.
4-Freedom-11-16-08-BWJR.jpg (111598 bytes)
Overall view of the ship's stern showing her aft doors for small boat recovery.
5-Freedom-11-16-08-BWJR.jpg (126475 bytes)
The stern RAM Missile Launcher above the open hanger door.
6-Freedom-11-16-08-BWJR.jpg (66023 bytes)
Close up view of her Port side rigid inflatable boat.
7-Freedom-11-16-08-BWJR.jpg (41633 bytes)
57 MM Main Gun at the bow.
8-Freedom-11-16-08-BWJR.jpg (73179 bytes)
The crew is seen completing the hook of a waterline to the dockside facilities.
11/17 - USS Freedom in Buffalo -
Charlie Dowd
 1-USS-Freedom-11-16-08-cd.jpg (138081 bytes)
USS Freedom Arrives at Buffalo. Entered through the break wall with USCG escorting.
2-USS-Freedom-11-16-08-cd.jpg (90259 bytes)
Freedom heading up river just passing the USCG base at Buffalo
3-USS-Freedom-11-16-08-cd.jpg (109343 bytes)
G tug New Jersey escorting USS Freedom to visiting ship dock
4-USS-Freedom-11-16-08-cd.jpg (79535 bytes) 5-USS-Freedom-11-16-08-cd.jpg (129214 bytes)
11/17 - USS Freedom in Buffalo -
Dan Syrcher
1USS-Freedom.11-16-08-ds.jpg (95673 bytes) 2USS-Freedom-11-16-08-ds.jpg (44596 bytes)      
11/17 - Manitowoc in Alpena -
Ben & Chanda McClain
1.-Mantw-11-16-08-BC-Mcl.jpg (76589 bytes)
Manitowoc unloading coal
2.-Mantw-11-16-08-BC-Mcl.jpg (48621 bytes)
coal pile
3.-Mantw-11-16-08-BC-Mcl.jpg (100485 bytes)
backing away
4.-Mantw-11-16-08-BC-Mcl.jpg (70683 bytes)
by the break wall
5.-Mantw-11-16-08-BC-Mcl.jpg (77376 bytes)
in the lake
11/17 - South Chicago on Sunday -
Steve Bauer
1-TregCour-11-16-08-sb.jpg (86199 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha loading, while American Courage is tied up at the north dock at KCBX.
2-TregCour-11-16-08-sb.jpg (70817 bytes)
American Courage waiting its turn at the south dock.
3-TregCour-11-16-08-sb.jpg (83291 bytes)
Closer view of the sterns of both vessels.
4-TregCour-11-16-08-sb.jpg (64380 bytes)
Tight fit at 100th St. bridge
5-TregCour-11-16-08-sb.jpg (70425 bytes)
Port Side view.

11/17 - Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin images - John Monefeldt
1-JSherwin-11-16-08-jm.jpg (69256 bytes)
John Sherwin at Bayship. Her homeport is now painted on as Dover.
2-JPurves-11-11-08-jm.jpg (81524 bytes)
Museum Tug John Purves at the dock in front of the Door County Maritime Museum.
3-PowerToo-11-15-08-jm.jpg (117518 bytes)
New Palmer Johnson yacht Power Too.
4-JSherwin-11-16-08-jm.jpg (73201 bytes)
John Sherwin at Bayship, closeup of her stern.

11/17 - Charles M. Beeghly in Marquette, on one of her last trips as a steamer- Rod Burdick
1_cmb_11_14_08_rb.jpg (129626 bytes)
At the ore dock

11/17 - Tug Michigan & Barge Great Lakes in Cheboygan November 16 - Danny Hecko
1-Great-Lakes-Michigan-Cheb.jpg (61447 bytes)
Great Lakes/Michigan in Cheboygan
2-Great-Lakes-Michigan-prof.jpg (70488 bytes)
Great Lakes/ Michigan profile
3-Great-Lakes--Michigan-Bow.jpg (85060 bytes)
Great Lakes/Michigan Bow view

11/16 - Lake Erie - Martin McGuan
1-Man-11-14-08-MFM.jpg (174040 bytes)
Manitowoc arriving in Cleveland Friday.  She unloaded stone at Ontario Stone.
2-Man-11-15-08-MFM.jpg (71951 bytes)
Manistee in Fairport Harbor on Saturday.  She just took on a load of salt.
3-ManAlgo-11-15-08-MFM.jpg (51151 bytes)
Manistee and Algoway in Fairport Harbor.  Both boats are tied up waiting for the weather to subside.  A crewman reported winds on Lake Erie of 45 mph.
4-Algo-11-15-08-MFM.jpg (51024 bytes)
A close-up of the Algoway.  The grainy texture of the photo caused by driving rain.
5-FairLt-11-15-08-MFM.jpg (63852 bytes)
The Fairport Harbor lighthouse.  Lake Erie's fury is evident in this picture.

11/16 - Tug Brownsville -
Ron Beaupre
1-brownsville-15-11-08-rb.jpg (49934 bytes)
Brownsville is a new tug for U.S. Shipping.
2-brownsville-15-11-08-rb.jpg (85364 bytes)
She is on her way to Bay Shipbuilding to pick up the new tank barge Petrochem Trader.

11/16 - Iroquois Lock -
Murray Blancher
1-Tug-Brownsvillle-15-11-08.jpg (108462 bytes)
Tug Brownsville up bound at Iroquois on a very rainy day
2-Brownsville-15-11-08-MB-.jpg (97145 bytes) 3-CFL-Prudence-15-11-08-MB-.jpg (87167 bytes)
CFL Prudence downbound at Iroquois lock
4-CFL-Prudence-15-11-08-mb.jpg (139819 bytes)  
11/16 - Toledo -
Bob Vicent
1-ZeynepA,11-15-08-bv.jpg (62867 bytes)
Zeynep A leaving Toledo
2-Monitowoc,11-15-08-bv.jpg (116022 bytes)
Manitowoc loaded with coal heading for Alpena
 3-Monitowoc,11-15-08-bv.jpg (69586 bytes)
Forward look at the Manitowoc backing out into the channel
11/16 - Detroit River -
Barry Pigeon
1-Sg-11-14-08-bp.jpg (87410 bytes)
Bow of the Saginaw upbound
2-BlkAg-11-14-08-bp.jpg (69581 bytes)
Blacky and Algoway passing in the Detroit River (Blacky upbound, Algoway Downbound)
3-BlkRen-11-14-08-bp.jpg (61737 bytes)
Blacky passing by the Detroit GM Renaissance Center
4-BlkStk-11-14-08-bp.jpg (72075 bytes)
Close-up of the Blacky Super Structure and Stack
5-SgAg-11-14-08-bp.jpg (69634 bytes)
Saginaw and Algoway passing off the Livingston Light at Belle Isle
11/16 - EM Ford leaving the Lafarge Terminal in Saginaw -
DSC00013.jpg (91385 bytes) DSC00017.jpg (110584 bytes) DSC00018.jpg (113782 bytes) DSC00020.jpg (125469 bytes)  

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