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December 3, 4 & 5, 2008


12/5 - Calumet River traffic - Steve Bauer

Stern of Lee A. Tregurtha backing under 92nd St bridge outbound for the lake.

Bow view clearing 92nd St.

Backing under EJ&E bridge 710

Tug Melinda Brent and tanker barges following the Lee A. Tregurtha

Outbound for Lake Michigan

Philip R. Clarke backing down the Calumet River under 95th St Bridge.

Stopping short of NS bridge due to train traffic. Old B&O bridge in background.

Crew member watching the back up move through the "Five Bridges" area.

Pilot house view

Bow about to pass under the remaining active bridge, now NS.

12/5 - Historical Perspectives - Ray Hillary
Taken on the St Clair River at the southern tip of Stag Island in 1971.

Charles M. Beeghly - August, 1971

John Dykstra and Ralph Misener, August, 1971

Dykstra Misener sterns

John J. Boland - September, 1971

Roy A. Jodrey - September, 1971. Cunningham's Fisherman's Wharf, now the River Crab, is behind the Roy Jodery self unloader.

12/5 - Dobrush arriving in Oshawa - Lorraine Morrill

Jerry G assisting with docking


Pushing her to the wall

Safely docked

12/5 - Montrealais downbound near the Blue Water Bridge - Edward Schuyler

Above the Blue Water Bridges

Bow profile

Stern profile

Heading to Baie Comeau, with a load of wheat
12/4 - Mystery postcard - Vince Gratton
I have recently acquired a bunch of old postcards. They are mostly Ontario Canada cards. Although the majority are marked as to their origin, there are some which are photo type cards and appear to be all from the same area based on were they were placed in these old albums. I have attached a copy of one and it appears to be two lake boat freighters under construction. As these cards were for the most part from the early years of the 20th century, I'm thinking 1910 or so and perhaps Lake Superior area. Please post answers on the Information Search page under the subject "Mystery Postcard".
  12/4 - Ziemia Lodzka secured on upper wall at Iroquois for inspection after being pushed into the wall by the wind - Murray Blancher


12/03 Traffic on the Detroit River Chuck Wagner

Lake Michigan with wheat from Thunder Bay bound for Baie Comeau.

Algomarine with iron ore loaded at Quebec City for Indiana Harbor

Federal Manitou headed for Burns Harbor

Jane Ann IV tied up at the Rockway Aggregates dock on Springwells Street.

Sarah Spencer at the McCoig Concrete dock on Springwells Street

12/3 - Federal Patroller upbound below
 Welland Canal Lock 2 - Al Howard



12/3 - Marquette harbor backup caused by high winds - Lee Rowe

Herbert C. Jackson at anchor

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder joins the Jackson

Kaye E. Barker makes "three on the hook"

Kaye E. Barker making her move

Kaye E Barker approaching the dock dragging her bow anchor.

12/3 - Hamilton Harbor traffic - John McCreery

James Norris at Pier 10 but not in for the winter yet

Maria Desgagnes at Bronte

Calliroe Patronicola arriving from Vishakhapatnam India

Stern View

Evans McKeil and container loaded barge at Pier 14

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