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December 6, 2008

12/6 - Port Colborne traffic - Al Howard

Algosea approaching Lock 8

Stern view

Frontenac entering Lock 8 upbound

Heading for Lake Erie

Marinelink Explorer laid up at Wharf 12

12/6 - Historical perspective - Roger Blough construction photos by the late Al Sykes. - Marc VanderMeulen

12/6 - William J. DeLancey under construction at AmShip, Lorain - Pete Phinney



The picture is of the largest and last ship built in Lorain, the William J. DeLancey. I sailed on it a couple of months after completion and it was still having major hiccups with the unloading system at that time. The problem was the loop belt overloading too easily, losing its grip on the ore and consequently spilling a 100 tons or so of ore into the conveyor tunnel/fouling the conveyor rollers laborious job to right. Many times I shoveled loose ore pellets off the conveyor floor for days all the way back up the lakes sometimes! This picture has been in my possession for decades and I dont recall how I ended up with it - not sure I even took it, but it was a sight I would see nearly everyday growing up. Growing up in Lorain watching all that ship yard activity from the 60s to when it finally closed in the early 80s was a treat for sure. I watched from a distance the tragic Roger Blough fire while in the drydock - I was 8 years old and still remember that scene vividly. This picture is one of my most prized possessions as it represents all that Lorain was about, the shipbuilding, smoke stacks from the steel plant/industry... It was truly amazing in its industrial magnitude then.

12/6 - Historical Perspective - 70 years ago - Jim Wood
A seasonal story from seventy years ago which has a personal association for me and my sister and for how far communications on the Great Lakes has progressed. Ship-to-shore telephone communication was a modern miracle in November, 1938 and the announcement of my sister's birth was a first. My father, Walter E. Wood, was Chief Engineer on the R. E. Moody somewhere out in the lake when he not only learned of the birth of his daughter, but heard her first cries of life. The December, 1938 editorial by Eugene Hickman, Editor of The Great Lakes News tells the story best and I hope its message for troubled times and the Hope of New Life will resonate in today's troubled times.

R. E. Moody - 1938

The crew of the R. E. Moody in 1938, Captain Walter Ruddle is in the white uniform, first row center, and my father, Walter E. Wood, Chief Engineer, is seated directly behind him.

Great Lakes News, December 1938

P. P. Miller with her original name (1903-1920) of the R. E. Moody

John McCartney Kennedy third name (1922-1937) of the R. E. Moody

12/6 - Historical Perspective - Str Altadoc - Part 2 - Jon Paul Michaels & Brent Michaels from the Bill Forsythe Collection (Click here for Part One)

In the 1940's the pilothouse was salvaged to be the gift shop and office at the Pilothouse Resort in Copper Harbor, MI

The gift shop was destroyed by vandals in the 1980's

Altadoc (1926) wrecked at Keweenaw Point, MI in 1927

Lake Shore (l)- (1901-1913) renamed Altadoc in 1926, stopped in the ice at the Soo with fleetmate City of Naples (r) in this 1912 postcard.

Lake Shore (1901-1926) is in drydock at Lorain, OH

12/5 - Saginaw River traffic - Todd Shorkey

Tug Gretchen B.

Tug Kurt Luedtke upbound for Saginaw

Kurt Luedtke, Calumet, and Tug Gregory J. Busch near the Burroughs dock in Zilwaukee

Calumet downbound

Stern view

USCG Cutter Hollyhock upbound for the Dow Chemical dock to unload summer buoys

Stern view

Manitowoc unloading at Essexville Sargent on Thursday

Manitowoc with the Manitou and Kurt Luedtke visible under her boom

Tug close up

12/5 - Toledo traffic - Bob Vincent

Herbert C. Jackson loading coal at CSX for the Canadian Soo.

Loader looking aft at the boom

Forward Deck House

Geo. Gradel Co. Tug Prairieland

Geo. Gradel Co. Tug Mighty John III

U. S. Coast Guard vessel # 49424 from Detroit changing the buoys in the channel

Another Look

Another Look

12/6 - St. Lawrence Seaway traffic - Murray Blancher

Pineglen up bound at Prescott Elevator

Stellaprima down bound at Prescott elevator

Stern view

CSL Niagara up bound at Iroquois

12/6 - St. Clair River traffic - Violet Bostwick

Olympic Merit downbound

Stern cabins

Bow profile

Tug Wildflower

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