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December 7, 8 & 9, 2008


12/9 - Marinette/Menominee activity - Dick Lund

Catherine Desgagnes unloading at Marinette Fuel & Dock in an icy Menominee River

The Ogden Street Bridge, which was struck by the BBC Elbe on Oct. 24, is being repaired

A view from the bridge deck of the partially raised Marinette side

Note the bent girder on the bottom right of the raised section of the bridge

Looking down through the gap between the two sections of the draw bridge, you can see the bent girder

The bent girder (left) is supposed to drop into this cradle

Comparison photo of the opposite side of the bridge where the girder is in place in the cradle

Roen Salvage continues dredging the mouth of the Menominee River, tug, Stephan M. Asher in charge

12/9 - The Coast Guard Buoy Tender Alder off Cheboygan picking up buoys. - Danny Hecko
12/9 - Clipper Klara heads down the river at Mariatown. - Ron Beaupre



12/9 - Toledo traffic - Bob Vincent

. Lee White coming in to load coal at CSX

H. Lee White leaving Toledo for Zug Island

Atlantic Huron unloading ore at Torco. She will shift over to the coal machine for lite load.

12/9 - Ship Traffic At Hamilton - John McCreery

Lake Superior unloading at pier 14W

Port side view of the lake Superior

Winona at Pier 12E

Stern view of the Winona

Tatjana at Pier 12N unloading a cargo of ferrosilicon

An icy Maritime Trader loading at James Richardson International while being fueled by the Hamilton Energy

A wide view of all three salties

Another view of the Lake Superior showing the Federal Saguenay in the anchorage behind

12/9 - J. W. Shelley upbound Cote Ste-Catherine - Ken Goslett

Shelley enters Cote Ste-Catherine lock at dusk

In the lock

View from North side - Temperature minus 13C with sun already below horizon

12/8 - Shipping Activity At Hamilton And The Welland Canal - John McCreery

Federal Saguenay at Pier 14 ready for departure but waiting on the strong winds

Port side view

Another view

Athanasios G Callitsis in the Port Weller Anchorage

Peter R Cresswell down bound in the Canal

The Cresswell at the Glendale Bridge

William J Moore and McLeary's spirit wind bound at Port Weller

Tug John Spence waiting out the wind

12/8 - Saginaw River action - Stephen Hause

Algoway upbound, passing the Luedtke Engineering dredge at Cheboyganing Creek

Broken ice in the turn

Close up of bow

Luedtke dredging equipment at Cheboyganing Creek

More Luedtke equipment

12/7 - Historical Perspective Chuck Wagner

On May 6, 1988 the Pontokratis allided with the B&O railroad bridge across the Calumet River. She was headed downriver with assistance from the GLT tugs Florida and South Carolina. The bridge came down on top of the ship's superstructure and the river was closed to traffic for the next 10 days. It was later determined that the bridge was not fully opened and CSX was found liable. Since the bridge opened from the West bank, the damage was greatest to the port side of the superstructure. Pictures were taken from the Charles M. Beeghly as she headed upriver 2 days after the Calumet was reopened to traffic.

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