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December 15, 2008

12/16 - Soo traffic - Roger LeLievre

Alder at Group Soo

Mackinaw at the Carbide Dock

Tatjana up at Mission Point

Another view

Montrealais encounters a snow squall in Soo harbor Monday

12/16 - Historical Perspective - Robert S. McNamara in the Rouge River - Marc VanderMeulen

Dates and photographers unknown
  12/16 - Historical Perspective - Don Boone
Menu from S.S. Alaska railroad ferry. I was 2nd Engineer on her. She carried supplies from near Vancouver B.C. to Whittier Alaska during Building of Alaska Pipeline.

In bound thru the Dix Street Bridge

View from the Dix Street Bridge with the Ford plant in the background.

Out bound thru the Jefferson Avenue Bridge.

12/16 - Port of Hamilton activity - John McCreery

Hamilton Energy departing port to bunker the Atlantic Huron at Port Weller

Michipicoten in lay up at Pier 11W

She came in with a cargo of canola and it appears that she has already discharged her load

Federal Saguenay is back at Pier 14W, this time to load

Jarrett M at Hamilton prior to departure for Kingston

12/15 - Ships anchored near Prescott, Ontario due to the St. Louis Bridge problem - Murray Blancher

Flinter Spirit at Crossover Island

Atlantic Huron at anchor at Maitland

Capt. Henry Jackman at anchor at Maitland

Cedarglen just east of Maitland

Irma anchored east of Maitland

Kaministiqua anchored east of Maitland across from Invista plant

Catharine Desgagnes anchored close to Prescott

12/15 - Welland Canal Traffic - John McCreery

Federal Hudson up bound at the Homer Bridge

Another view of the Federal Hudson as she enters Lock 2

Winter already

Stern view

Montrealais above lock 7 returning up the Seaway in ballast as there are fewer ore return runs to Dofasco

Radium Yellowknife and barge headed up to lock 2

CSL Assiniboine down bound below lock 3 for Hamilton

Nordic Helsinki in the Port Weller Anchorage

12/15 - Historical Perspective - More results of the John J. Boland-Frank Armstrong collision - Travis Chadwick

The John J. Boland (1905) collided with the Frank Armstrong (1942) in the fog off Colchester in Lake Erie on November 2, 1948.

John J. Boland starboard profile

View from the port side

Frank Armstrong head on

Frank Armstrong starboard view

12/15 - Historical Perspective - More results of the John J. Boland-Frank Armstrong collision - Ron Beaupre
Three men were trapped in the wreckage aboard the Boland. A call went out for torches to be brought to the scene and the steamer Alexander Leslie responded. One man was dead and the other two survived.

Frank Armstrong on the drydock in Toledo

Bow on view

12/15 - Canadian Miner downbound on possibly her final trip - Al Howard

Entering Welland Lock 7

Stern view in the lock

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