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December 19-20, 2008

12/20 - Historical Perspective - The 1953 rescue of several crewmen from the Henry Steinbrenner by the Joseph H. Thompson. - Al Hart
The Thompson was involved with the rescue of the survivors of the Henry Steinbrenner sinking on May 11, 1953. Following the SOS from Captain Albert Stiglin of the Steinbrenner, the Thompson, under the command of Robert Leng, was the first boat on scene. Approximately three and one-half hours after the distress call, the Thompson spotted a life boat and a life raft with survivors. Captain Leng made several passes until the raft was in the lee of the Thompson. A line was passed to the raft and tied off by James Lambaris, a deckhand from the Steinbrenner. Since the survivors were too weak, a Jacobs ladder was lowered and Richard Olson, Third Mate on the Thompson, climbed down to the raft. A George Krohn also climbed down to the raft. Olson and Krohn tied lines around some of the survivors so they could be brought aboard the Thompson and others were raised to the Thompson in a wire basket. The survivors rescued by the Thompson included Captain Albert Stiglin, First Mate Andrew Kraft, Wheelsman Joseph Radzevicz (with a broken leg and a broken arm), deckhand James Lambaris, and two others. Andrew Kraft subsequently passed away. Two additional survivors were picked up by the Wilfred Sykes and seven more survivors were picked up by the D. M. Clemson.
  12/20 - Indiana Harbor in the lower St. Marys River Friday, showing ice development above Nine Mile - Roger LeLievre 


12/20 - Retrieving buoys aboard the USCGC Hollyhock - LCDR Jim Bellaire, Commander

12/20 - Soo traffic - Daniel Hecko

Edgar B. Speer upbound at the Soo

Serena upbound in Soo Harbor

Ice covered Indiana Harbor at Rock Cut

12/19 - South Chicago traffic - Steve Bauer

McKee Sons loading coal at the KCBX south dock on Tuesday

The Manistee clearing 100th St. Bridge and lining up for the "Five Bridges."

Bow clearing the bridges with old railroad tower and grain elevator in background.

Approaching 95th St. Bridge.

Stern cabins

12/19 - John G. Munson with coal for Marquette's WE Power Plant.- Lee Rowe
12/19 - St. Lawrence Seaway traffic - Ron Beaupre


Icy bow
Sakarya running up the St. Lawrence to Sarnia.

Panam Flota follows Sakarya up to Sarnia

12/19 - Soo traffic - Roger LeLievre

Philip R. Clarke upbound in the lower St. Marys River

Federal Manitou meets Lee A. Tregurtha at the locks.

Federal Manitou in Soo Harbor

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