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December 21-23, 2008


12/23 - Point Edward traffic on a frosty morning - Marc Dease

Montrealais down bound with fleet mate John D. Leitch astern.

Making the turn at 1 & 2.

John D. Leitch down bound at 1 & 2.

Beluga Revolution down bound

Cason J. Callaway down bound at 1 & 2.

12/23 - Detroit River, Amherstburg Channel - Dave Cozens
Cuyahoga upbound in the Amherstburg Channel passing Bob lo Island. With the cold weather, the ice flows continue to build.


12/23 - Lake Erie south shore scenes - Dave Scali

Petite Forte at the old Medusa silo unloading at Cleveland.

Stern view

The Maumee looks to be settled in the old river bed for the winter with the windows being shuttered and bumpers along the side.

Fairport Harbor Canadian Olympic was tied up and waiting for better weather

Lake Erie was breaking over the breakwater by the lighthouse at Fairport Harbor

12/21 - Saginaw arriving at Essexville - Stephen Hause

Frontenac upbound on the Saginaw River in ice, as the Gregory J. Busch passes Frontenac to break ice ahead of the ship.

A bald eagle sails low above the ice near the ship. Eagles are a common sight along the Saginaw River.

The bald eagle crosses the bow of the Frontenac

Gregory J. Busch breaks out ice along the dock as the Frontenac waits.

Line handlers go ashore

12/21 - Saginaw River traffic - Todd Shorkey

Algoway at the Sargent dock in Zilwaukee earlier in the week

Frontenac upbound turning the corner at Bay Harbor Marina

Tug Gregory J. Busch following behind

Busch passing to break ice at the Essroc dock

Stern view of the Frontenac

12/21 - Canadian Olympic arriving at Fairport Harbor to load salt - Bob Hunter

Bow view

Stern view


The crew clearing the deck

12/21 - Wintery Soo scenes - Roger LeLievre

Ice-covered Montrealais anchored in the Locks east approach after a power failure Saturday morning. Temperature was -10.

Montrealais, stern view

Tug Florida at the Great Lakes Towing Co dock

12/21 - Toledo traffic - Jim Hoffman

Maritime Trader, under tow of the tugs Nebraska (bow) and Idaho (stern), outbound from Toledo from the Hi Level Bridge

Calumet upbound the Maumee River under the Hi-Level Bridge bound for Andersons "E" Elevator to load grain

Calumet loading grain at the Andersons "E" Elevator at Toledo

Pioneerland pushing a barge upbound the Maumee River approaching the NS South railroad bridge

12/21 - Kaye E. Barker backing in to the lower harbor Shiras Dock in Marquette - Lee Rowe

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