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December 24, 2008

12/24 - Weekend Alpena traffic - Ben & Chanda McClain

Breaking ice Saturday night aboard the tug Manitou

Another view

Innovation arriving

Loading under the silos

Heading back into the river aboard the tug

Docking the Manitou

Cleaning Lafarge slip Sunday night

Another view

Alpena coming in

Another view

Head on view

Another view

Turning the corner

Christmas lights

In the slip

12/24 - Welland Lock 7 Traffic - Al Howard

Ice covered Tatjana moves into Lock 7

Tatjana rear view

Utviken waits her turn to enter Lock 7

Utviken side view

12/24 - Algosteel in Fairport Harbor to take on a load of salt at the Morton Dock. - Bob Hunter

Bow view

Stern view

Stowed conveyor

Pulling the hatches

12/24 - Canadian Transfer delivering potash to Lorain - Jim Bobel

Unloading at the Dock

A deckhand chips off some of the ice off the side.

The "G" tug Iowa tows the Canadian Transfer down the river for the lake.

The Transfer has just cleared the Charles Berry Bascule Bridge.

The Iowa and the Canadian Transfer pass Lorain's famous lighthouse.

12/24 - Salties in the Welland Canal - John McCreery

Beluga Revolution above Lock 7

Stern view of the Beluga Revolution entering Lock 8

Panam Flota just in to Port Colborne from lake Erie

Stern view

Tatjana waiting above Lock 7

Dobrush above Lock 8

Stern view

Utviken departing Lock 7

Utviken nearing Lock 6 east while the tug Vac heads back to Lock 7

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