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December 26-27, 2008


12/27 - St. Lawrence Seaway - Murray Blancher

Halifax down bound at Crossover Island

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin up bound at Crossover Island

Panam Flota down bound at Crossover Island

Panam Flota down bound at Brockville

12/27 - Marquette's Upper Harbor on Christmas Day - Rod Burdick

  12/27 - Tatjana passing by Blockhouse Island, Brockville and Morristown NY at around noon on Christmas Eve - Dave Bessant  

Arthur M. Anderson unloading coal

Stern view

12/27 - Historical Perspective - Russ Plumb
Christmas Day 1964 while I was laying up the James A. Farrell in Lorain, OH. The damaged ship is the Thomas F. Cole after a collision with British motor vessel Inverewe, off south end of Pipe Island, Lower St. Marys River, in fog, November 12, 1964. Suffered severe damage to port bow; taken to Lorain for repairs.
12/27 - English river in in Bath Ontario to load cement - Tom Rutledge

12/26 - Welland Canal - Ice in the Locks Causes Shipping Delays - John McCreery

CSL Laurentien and Tatjana waiting for ice clearing in Lock 7

Tug Vac clearing ice in Lock 7 - note the axe work

The Spruceglen locking down in the up bound west side flight locks due to ice problems on the east side

The Nadro tug Seahound flushing ice in Lock 8

The Panam Flota working slowly with her bow to the wall trying to push the minimum amount of ice ahead of her and into Lock 8

Seahound working to keep the ice from building on the walls as she locks through with the tanker

12/26 - Tatjana down bound at Maitland - Murray Blancher

12/26 - Historical Perspective - Ray Bawal
Lewis Wilson Foy narrowly missed the seawall at Port Huron will evading small craft.
This event happened on October 29, 1989 while the Lewis Wilson Foy was upbound at Port Huron and had to take evasive action to avoid pleasure craft in the shipping channel just below the Blue Water Bridge. Some later published reports indicate that it occurred on October 30, 1989, but since it was locally reported as happening on a Sunday, along with my own recollection has it also occurring on Sunday, I believe that the October 29th date as being accurate. The Foy was able to avoid making contact with the sea wall in this instance


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