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December 31, 2008

12/31 - Alpena traffic - Ben & Chanda McClain

Manitou and Innovation out in the bay

Sunrise over Thunder Bay

Innovation heading in

Manitou out in the bay

Innovation departing

Manitou returning into the river

View with lighthouse

Close up of Manitou

Crew docking the tug

12/31 - Marquette traffic - Lee Rowe

John G. Munson unloading coal.

Munson bow view

Herbert C. Jackson bow view

Jackson loading

12/31 - End of season Toledo visitors - Bob Vincent

McKee Sons waiting for the CSL Assiniboine to finish loading.

Philip R. Clarke unloading at Midwest International Dock before come over for a load of coal.

The best dressed boat for Christmas lights that came into the Toledo coal dock is the CSL Assiniboine.

They even played Christmas music

Another view

12/31 - CCGC Samuel Risley removing buoys in the Amherstburg Channel - Dave Cozens

Samuel Risley approaching a lighted buoy to be removed

Removing a red buoy

Buoys on Risley's aft deck

Passing the Boblo Island ferry Ste. Claire V

Ste. Claire V

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