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January 2 - 3 - 4, 2009

1/4 - Algowood in South Chicago - Steve Bauer

Algowood approaching 106th St bridge on Calumet River.

"G" Tug Massachusetts pulling lining the bow up for the bend at the bridge.

Massachusetts and Algowood bow through the bridge.

Lining up the stern with the help of the South Carolina.

Through the bridge

1/4 - James R. Barker in Marquette - Lee Rowe
1/4 - Historical Perspective, 1959 - Don Boone

Unloading coal for Marquette's WE Power Plant

Icy bow
Menihek Lake departing Collingwood on her maiden voyage led by tug Sulphite. S.S Altadoc at bottom of photo unloading grain at the elevator.

1/4 - Frosty Duluth traffic - Ed Labernik

James R. Barker passes North Pier Light in Duluth Ship Canal

Passing South Pier Lighthouse

Under the Aerial Lift Bridge,

Kaye E. Barker pushes through ice field, departing Duluth

Kay E. Stern view

Ice fog, Duluth Ship Canal and North Pier Light

Roger Blough approaches Duluth Ship Canal

Stern view

1/4 - Winter fleet in Toronto - Bill Bird

Canadian Leader with load of sugar just inside eastern gap at the southern end of Pier 52 with Toronto skyline in background

Canadian Navigator at Pier 51

Canadian Miner loaded with sugar at Pier 35 North

Canadian Ranger at Pier 35 West

Algocape with a load of sugar at Pier 52

Fireboat Wm Lyon Mackenzie patrolling the harbour.

English River at cement dock.

1/4 - Lee A. Tregurtha in South Chicago - Steve Bauer

Lee A. Tregurtha loading coal at the KCBX south dock

View from port side.

Lee A. loading coal, while a gaggle of dump trucks whittle away at the salt stockpile at the Morton Salt dock. The line went around the back of the pile out onto 100th St, and over the bridge.

1/3 - Toledo Winter Lay up - Bob Vincent

American Integrity at CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock #2

Bow view

H. Lee Whiteat the old Presque Isle ore dock

White bow view

White and American Valor

1/3 - Historical Perspective - Don Boone
1/3 - CCGC Griffon at the Amherstburg CCG Base - Dave Cozens

S/S Elba (Ex-Britamoil) arriving Augusta Sicily, December 17, 1974. Taken by Don Boone, 2nd Engineer, Imperial Ottawa anchored nearby.
Heading up bound to the base.

Heading back down to Lake Erie

1/2 - Soo traffic - Dawn C. Roberts

Roger Blough passing St. Ignace enroute to the Soo.

Walter J. McCarthy’s icy bow, leaving Soo Locks

Ice-coated sides

Walter J. McCarthy above the locks

Walter J. McCarthy headed to Duluth at Sherman Park

1/2 - Manistee in the Calumet River - Steve Bauer

Manistee and "G" Tug South Carolina clearing the NS bridge.

Approaching 100th St bridge.

View of forward half with crew members

Getting ready to tie up to north dock at KCBX with the help of the South Carolina.

Crew member being hoisted over the side down to the dock. American Mariner in background loading at the south dock.

1/2 - Historical perspective - Roger LeLievre from the Tom Manse Collection
1/2 - Historical Perspective - S.S. Sylvania on the bottom at Port Huron 1967 - D. Boone

Schooner Oliver H. Perry (homeport Detroit, with the steamer Carmi A. Thompson passing, at Marine City. Date unknown.

Port Huron view, date unknown.
Photo taken from the deck of the H. L. Shaw by D. Boone, 2nd Engineer. Chief cook Marg Ahern visible on stern of the Shaw.

1/2 - Detroit River, Amherstburg Channel -
Dave Cozens
1/2 - Algoway in Goderich - Dale Baechler

CCGC Samuel Risley upbound, from Lake Erie, with another load of lighted buoys on New Years Eve.
Turning in the ice filled inner harbour Friday morning.

At the Sifto dock

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