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January 8 , 2009


1/8 - Goderich scenes - Dale Baechler

Frontenac in for the winter

CSL Tadoussac in lay up

Algowood loading more salt

1/8 - A cold, windy, and snowy day on the Detroit River -- Chuck Wagner

J. W. Shelley tied up for the season at the Morterm dock in Windsor.

Tug Stormont with the Windsor - Detroit truck ferry headed for the Detroit side of the river.

Cuyahoga loading at Canadian Salt in Windsor for Marine City.

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin emerging from a snow squall.

Headed upbound to load coal at MERC in Superior.

Coast Guard helicopter flying overhead

Herbert C. Jackson tied up for the season at the Nicholson dock in Ecorse.

1/8 - Marquette's last vessels of the season - Rod Burdick
1/8 - Historical Perspective - Don Boone

Lee A. Tregurtha departing

James R. Barker lifting her boom
Imperial Collingwood & Imperial London at Collingwood - 1948

1/8 - First visitors of 2009 in Muskegon - Bill Bell

Algoway delivers a load of salt

Algoway close up locked tight in the ice

PM 41 waits on weather Monday evening in the ice

Agawa Canyon with a load of salt

Close up of Agawa Canyon bow

1/8 - Historical Perspective, Soo River vessels - Wayne Brown

John E. F Misner and H. C. Heimbecker laid up at Midland-Simcoe elevator in Midland, Ont.

H. C. Heimbecker-(Becky) cross ways in harbor while making her turn around in Owen Sound after unloading at elevators.

Soo River Trader unloading at Owen Sound elevator

V. W. Scully laid up with a storage load at Tiffin elevator at Midland, Ont.

Robert S. Pierson (old Smokey) getting fire up after winter lay-up in Owen Sound.

1/8 - The Storm of 1905 in Duluth thru a series of postcards - William Forsythe

November 28, 1905, the Mataafa returns to Duluth Harbor because of bad weather, now she just has to get through the pierheads. Her bow and stern slam the bottom and she looses her rudder and propeller.

The waves swings the Mataafa's stern to port and she is impaled on the north pierhead.

The waves swing the Mataafa through 180 degrees and she hits against the rocky bottom.

Mataafa cracks in half in several places along her hull

Another giant wave slams the Mataafa's starboard side during the storms peak

The Mataafa's consort barge James Nasmyth drags its anchor in the right background

The aftermath of the storm. Stern view of Mataafa. The aft crew (9 men) is killed and frozen to the decks at the stern.

The Isaac Elwood makes her dash into Duluth harbor. She is damaged during the attempt, but makes it. She will later sink from storm damage.

The Umbria's pilothouse is ripped off. Steering is performed from the emergency stern steering position. She arrived safely in Duluth harbor after battling the storm for 48 hours.

A close up stern view of the wrecked Umbria pilothouse. Her pilothouse wheel and binnacle were destroyed, but her crew brought he into the harbor.

The Crescent City is thrown against the rocks two miles east of Lester Park, Duluth. Her crew escaped to shore by using a ladder as a bridge.

Crescent City against the rocks and aground, port side view.

A stern view view of the Crescent City wreck. A ladder is tied at the Crescent City's spar deck to land to allow the crew to leave the ship

The steamer Lafayette breaks completely in two at Encampment along the North Shore. The schooner barge Manila is against the rock shoreline. The Lafayette's stern is salvaged and the engine is installed in the J. S. Ashley

1/8 - Last Marquette visitor of the season - Lee Rowe
1/8 - Stephen B. Roman leaving Rochester - Tom Brewer

James R Barker unloading coal on a snowy Wednesday

Close up of stern

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