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January 10-11, 2009

1/11 - Disabled USCGC Hollyhock being assisted back to base by the tug Manitou - Dave Bennis

Meeting the up bound John B. Aird above Fort Gratiot

Under the Blue Water Bridges

Turning in the river make the Hollyhock's base

1/11 - Algosteel delivering salt to Marinette - Dick Lund

Algosteel backing upriver 11 p.m. on Friday

At 2:15 a.m. the ship still is not unloading because they can't get close enough to the dock to drop their salt load on the existing pile,  as is the common practice.

Stern view from a different vantage point

Unloading early morning on Saturday. The ice continued to keep them from getting close to the dock, so they dropped their load where they could

Unloading continues around 7:30 a.m.

1/11 - Algosteel working to leave Marinette - Scott Best

Algosteel is set to depart but ice is keeping her from breaking away.

Erika Kobasic returns to the river to free the Algosteel

Erika making a pass along side the Algosteel to relive the pressure.

The Big tug plowing crushing ice on the Menominee River.

1/11 - Algowood arriving at Goderich to load salt - Wayne Brown

Tug Pride on the way to assist Algowood

Algowood starting to back into Goderich harbor entrance with Pride assisting.

2-1/2 hours later Algowood finally wins the battle and is at loader dock.

Pride heads to her dock

Frontenac laid up in inner harbor.

1/11 - Cason J. Callaway's arrival into Bayship in Sturgeon Bay - Tiffany Messner

Callaway off Potawatomie State Park

Bow shot

Heading to Bayship

Entering Bayship

Being assisted in by John M. Selvick
Note ice fisherman

1/10 - Paul R. Tregurtha's arrival at BayShip in Sturgeon Bay for lay up - Tiffany Messner & Chris Wesendorf

John M. Selvick breaking ice

Selvick heading to meet Big Paul

Tregurtha breaking ice

Icy bow

Nearly home

1/10 - Historical Perspective - 2006 - Don Donovan
Algolake in a Northwest Blow on Lake Superior taken from the Herbert C. Jackson

1/10 - James R. Barker closing Marquette for the 2008-2009 Season - Rod Burdick

1/10 - Algosteel arriving in Marinette - Scott Best

Erika Kobasic takes a break from clearing ice behind the Donner at MF&D.

Algosteel backing up river to Fuel and Dock.

Stern view at the dock while Erika Kobasic flushes ice from between the ship and the dock.

1/10 - Lewis J. Kuber, Victory, James L. Kuber and Viking I in Menominee - Lee Rowe

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