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January 14-15, 2009

1/15 - Historical Perspectives from Thunder Bay - Tom Stewart

Algoriver loading at Richardson's Elevator in Thunder Bay on November 28, 2000. She was sold for scrap in 2002.

Algostream at the Parrish & Heimbecker Elevator on July 19, 1994. This was her only trip into Thunder Bay and she was sold for scrap in 1996.

Black Bay loading at Manitoba Wheat Pool #3 on April 14, 1992. This elevator is no longer in operation. The Black Bay was sold for scrap in 2002

Sir James Dunn loading at Saskatchewan Wheat Pool #15 on November 17, 1982. The elevator is still operating today as Mission Terminals. The Dunn was sold for scrap in 1989

The package freighter Fort St. Louis in lay-up at Pier #24 in Hamilton, Ontario on August 5, 1987. She was sold for off-lakes use in 1993 and was reportedly scrapped in 1998.

The St. Lawrence in lay-up at the Mid-Canada Marine dock in Thunder Bay, Ontario on May 6, 1984 and was sold for scrap later that year. The dock she's at still operates today as Pierre Gagne Contracting Ltd.

1/15 - St. Marys River traffic Graham Grattan
1/15 - Historical Perspective - Don Boone

The downbound Atlantic Huron is approaching Pointe Louise in the St. Marys River on a frigid morning.

Edgar B Speer upbound at Pointe Louise.
Midland, Ontario, Winter 1914-15

1/14 - Historical Perspective - Paul Thayer in the Saginaw River, late 1980's - Violet Bostwick

1/14 - Historical Perspective - Algoport pre-launch and sea trials, 1979- Andrew Torrence collection

On the ways at Collingwood
Wayne Farrar photo

Ready for launch,
May 7, 1979
Wayne Farrar photo

Sea trials
August, 1979

Another view

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