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January 17-18, 2009

1/18 - Detroit River convoy from the Canadian view - Ron Piskor

Neah Bay enters the Detroit River with the Conners Creek power plant in the background.

Samuel Risley turns and points up river to let the ship convoy pass at the mouth of the Detroit River.

Algosteel the first ship in the convoy passes the William Livingstone light on Belle Isle.

The tanker Algosar is the 2nd ship in the convoy

The mighty Cuyahoga is the last ship to pass.

Cuyahoga downriver from Belle Isle.

Cuyahoga below the Detroit skyline.

Under the Ambassador Bridge

Cuyahoga with the iron furnaces of Zug Island in the background.

After the convoy passed, a lone G Tug, the Wyoming traverses the river in sub-zero temperatures in the shadow of the fury of Zug Island.

1/18 - Algosteel delivering salt to Toledo - Jim Hoffman

The "G" tug Nebraska breaking ice ahead of the Algosteel tow.

Close up of the Nebraska

The tow approaching the Anthony Wayne Bridge

The "G" tug Idaho is on the bow of the Algosteel.

Algosteel heading under the bridge

1/18 - Detroit River convoy off Belle Isle in 0 degrees - Gary Medford

USCGC Neah Bay leading the convoy

Algosteel passes CCGS Samuel Risley

Algosteel with Algosar following in the blowing snow.

Algosteel bound for Toledo with salt from Goderich.

Stern cabins

The tanker Algosar

Algosar up close

Cuyahoga headed to Windsor to load salt.

Another view


1/18 - CFL Prospect in Ft. Lauderdale - Bruce Hurd
1/18 - Former Gaelic tug in Nassau - Capt. Bill Hoey
The former Gaelic Tugboat Company tug Roger Stahl has been renamed Lady Holly and is now in service in Nassau Bahamas. Her primary duty is assisting tankers in and out of the oil docks in the Bahamas.

Roger Stahl was sold five years ago to a towing service in Key West, but found little work there. The Key West operation has now sold the tug to a group lead by a harbor pilot at Nassau. Her icebreaking bow design can be clearly seen in the waters of the Bahamas.

1/18 - Arrival of the Speer and Gott - Ed Labernik
After days of weather delays, the last 2 boats, the Edgar B. Speer and the Edwin H. Gott, came into Duluth for winter layup on 1-16-09. Both vessels were at anchor outside the harbor and waited for the Coast Guard Cutter Alder to come out about 07:30 to break a channel through the ice. It was -17 degrees F. as the Speer came in first followed by the Gott about 20 min. later.

Edgar B. Speer passes the South Pier Light in the Duluth Ship Canal

The bow of the Speer emerges from the sea fog in the Duluth Ship Canal.

Stern view of the Speer as she turns in the Duluth Harbor Basin.

The bow of the Edwin H. Gott in the Duluth Ship Canal.

Stern of the Gott as she heads for winter layup, -17 degrees F.

1/17 - Point Edward/Sarnia scenes - Marc Dease

Atlantic Huron down bound at 1 & 2.

Wide view

A very frosty Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin after a night on Lake Huron.

Making the turn at 1 & 2.

Fleet mates Mississagi and Ojibway at the Government Dock in Sarnia.

Another view

Stern view

Manistee, Manitowoc, Ojibway and Mississagi in for the winter.

Cuyahoga emerges from the cold morning mist


1/17 - Last ship thru the Soo Locks this season - Graham Grattan
  1/17 - Last upbound thru the Soo - Drew Dewit

Saginaw upbound at Pointe Louise on Monday, in ballast for Thunder Bay

Saginaw downbound Thursday approaching Pointe Louise, temperature -25C

Saginaw downbound at Pointe Louise a few minutes before sun-up. Only 69 days before traffic returns to the St. Marys River.
Edwin H. Gott waiting to enter the Poe Lock after the Edgar B. Speer exits the lock.
1/17 - Video of Katmai Bay assisting Algosar thru the Rock Cut - Graham Grattan
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