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January 19-20, 2009

1/20 - A mid-winters day in Port Huron - Ron Piskor

The tug Menasha passes ships, already in winter lay-up, to do icebreaking in Sarnia’s North Slip.

Menasha stirs up some Canada Geese

Menasha passing the moored Atlantic Huron.

Out on Lake Huron the Saginaw approaches on her last voyage of the season.

Saginaw just off bouys 1 and 2.

Saginaw lines up on the Bluewater spans.

Saginaw passing below the Bluewater Bridges in the late afternoon sun.

Saginaw’s bow laden with the ice from it’s late winter passage.

Saginaw approaching the Black River.

And as if she was taking a final bow of the season, she turned right in front of the Boatnerd Headquarters and headed back up river to a well deserved rest.

1/20 - John B. Aird unloading salt in the Calumet River - Steve Bauer

At Morton Salt dock at 100th St. on Calumet River

Port side view

Stern tied up right at the 100th St. bridge

Starboard side view of cabins

Ice on the Calumet River

1/19 - Update on the Sturgeon Bay lay up fleet - Dick Lund

"Fincantieri" has been added to the Bay Shipbuilding sign

The new Oregon Street Bridge

Smoke coming from the stack of the USCG Mobile Bay, which has been idle for much of the winter

The new-build barge for Petrochem is between the Michigan Street and Oregon Street Bridges

The smokestack of the Charles M. Beeghly on the ground near the John Sherwin

Charles M. Beeghly in the graving dock looking good in a new coat of paint - tug, Prentiss Brown, at right

(L to R) Arthur M. Anderson (Joseph L. Block behind), John Sherwin and Cason J. Callaway

(L to R) Dorothy Ann, Cason J. Callaway and John Sherwin

(L to R) Charles M. Beeghly, American Century, Paul R. Tregurtha and Mesabi Miner

Joseph L. Block with the Arthur M. Anderson behind

1/19 - Detroit River winter shipping - Ron Piskor

Cuyahoga rips thru the wind driven ice on the Detroit River as it changes course 180 degrees to tie-up in Windsor and load salt. The sights and sounds were incredible as it cut thru slabs of thick ice exposing the warmer river water to the sub zero temperatures creating instant steam.

Power Plants and Steel Mills the essence of American Industrial Might form the backdrop as the John B. Aird heads upstream to rendezvous with the icebreaker Samuel Risley and cross ice covered Lake St. Clair.

1/19 - Sturgeon Bay and Milwaukee lay ups - Matt Ludvigson

Stuart J. Cort with anchors dropped.

Milwaukee's inner harbor - visible are two of LaFarge's articulated tug-barge units as well as American Steamship Co's Burns Harbor.

Close-up of the Burns Harbor

Panoramic view of the layup fleet at Sturgeon Bay

Wilfred Sykes at BayShip

Wilfred Sykes bow detail

Close-up of the Joseph L. Block and Arthur M. Anderson

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