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January 21, 2009

1/21 - Historical Perspective - Chuck Truscott

Philip R. Clarke in the Straits of Mackinac in February, 1972 waiting for the Mackinaw (WAGB 83) to escort her and the Cason J. Calloway through the Straits. The wind chill that day was greater than 45 below.

USCGC Tahoma passing through Round Island Passage in the Straits of Mackinac about 1940. She was later requisitioned for war duty on the East Coast.

The lumber hooker Philateus Sawyer apparently in the St. Mary's River. I have no date on this but the vessel burned in Toledo in 1922, so I am guessing the picture was taken in 1919 or 1920.

1/21 - Winter shipping - Don Moss
1/21 - Historical Perspective - Don Boone

USCG 104 Biscayne Bay working in St. Mary's River 12/21/08

Biscayne Bay monitoring Canadian Enterprise's progress from Middle Neebish Channel into Lake Nicolet 12/31/08

Arthur M. Anderson or Cason J. Calloway eastbound from Round Island Passage 1/2/09
Chicago River from a postcard dated 1908

1/21 - Late Season Scenes - Alex and Max Mager

Roger Blough in route to Erie, PA for lay up

Bow with ice

Into the sunset

Manistee and Manitowoc in Sarnia

Algoway laid up in Sarnia


Laid up with the Ojibway

Another view


Manistee's rudder and prop

Manistee full view

Peter R Cresswell

Another View

Algonova alongside the Algoway

1/21 - A late afternoon at Nicholsonís Slip on the Detroit River - Ron Piskor

Cuyahoga in for the winter

The former Boblo boats Columbia and Ste. Clair with the Cuyahoga in the background.

Columbiaís pilothouse
1/21 - Historical Perspective - Charles Dowd
Shipmasters Association Detroit Lodge No. 7, Program for the 26th Annual Ball, January 15, 1919.
Front Cover

Inside of front cover

Page 1

Dated 10-25-18, No. 235 Str. Lake Gormania Sailing Detroit Shipbuilding Co, Detroit Michigan
Officers and Reception Committee

ad for Great Lakes Engineering Works

ad The Weisgerber-Lowther Paint Co

Center of Booklet
Left side of Center page

Right side of center page

ads J.W. Westcott Company and J.C. Goss CO.

Picture of stern section steamer Maruba

ads Mullen Coal Company and National Tent & Awning Company

ads Edward Cowan and H.D. Edward & Co

Picture of Str. Carl P. Bradley of Michigan Lime Stone & Chemical Co.

Inside back cover ad John D. Mabley Co

Back cover

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