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January 27 - 29, 2009


1/29 - Cuyahoga delivering salt to Morton on the Rouge River - Ron Piskor

1-cuy-1-28-09-rp.jpg (91541 bytes)
Cuyahoga with its boom swung and unloading salt at Morton's on the
Rouge River.
2-cuy-1-28-09-rp.jpg (111041 bytes)
Just finished unloading as seen from the center of the Fort Street
3-cuy-1-28-09-rp.jpg (77920 bytes)
Getting ready to cast off and head to Nicholson's slip for a mini lay-up.

1/29 -
 72,000 ton bulk carrier Pontodamon being towed to a berth at Trois Rivieres, Quebec to have crankshaft replaced - Kent Malo

PierreRadisson01-25-09-md.jpg (27819 bytes)
Pierre Radisson leading the way
OceanDuga01-25-09-md.jpg (24280 bytes)
Ocean Duga on the stern
OceanBravo01-25-09md.jpg (30460 bytes)
Ocean Bravo forward tug. photos taken by Marq Doyon aboard the Ocean Delta at Trois Rivieres

1/29 -
Edisongracht upbound on the St. Lawrence River passing Cap-a-l'Aigle, Quebec, June 30, 2008. Mac Mackay photo.

1-Edisongracht-6-30-08-mm.jpg (78623 bytes)        

1/29 - Historical Perspective
- Eric B. Johnston


- Historical Perspective - Don Boone

1-Sparta-1938-dbj.jpg.jpg (53673 bytes)
Sparta photo with tug following collision 1938, St. Mary's River opposite Pointe Aux Pins.  (I took this photo when I was 13 in my small boat. They wouldn't let me on board. )
2-DanielMorell-1936-ebj.jpg.jpg (56666 bytes)
Daniel J. Morrell, 1936 Soo Canal.
(I am in front of the ship at age 11).

canadiana-10-66-db.jpg (23850 bytes)
Canadiana at Fairport Ohio 1966

1/28 - Cuyahoa in the Rouge River Tuesday
- Mike Koprowicz

1-Cuyahoga-1-27-09-mk.JPG.jpg (101391 bytes)
Cuyahoga Approaching Jefferson Ave in the Ice
2-Cuyahoga-1-27-09-mk.JPG.jpg (114669 bytes)
Cuyahoga clears Jefferson, outbound the Rouge River to load more Salt.
3-Cuyahoga-1-27-09-mk.JPG.jpg (119929 bytes)

1/28 - Algowood and Algosteel in Goderich - Dale Baechler

1-Algosteel-1-27-09-db.jpg (72824 bytes)
CCGS Griffon and Algosteel inbound
2-Algosteel-1-27-09-db.jpg (73390 bytes)
Inside the breakwalls
3-Algowood-1-27-09-db.jpg (86741 bytes)
Algowood at Sifto Salt, Algosteel heading to the new harbour.

1/28 - Twin Ports Lay-up - Dan Ross

KBLTAVdr12509.jpg (31708 bytes) AKMVIC12506DCR.jpg (34345 bytes) AVLT12509DCR.jpg (22515 bytes) ESPEER12509DCR.jpg (106402 bytes)
The Speer and Munson from near the end of Connors point shooting across the bay.
ESJM12509DCR.jpg (38400 bytes)

1/28 - Mackinaw leaving Buffalo
- January 26 after reportedly breaking ice in the Buffalo River for barge moving operations. - Capt. Caleb P Basiliko

1-USCGC-Mackinaw-1-26-09-cp.jpg (38546 bytes)        

1/28 - Historical Perspective - Violet Bostwick

landsdowne-vb.jpg (96800 bytes)
The Lansdowne crossing the Detroit River in the winter of 1905

1/27 - Algosteel delivers salt to Detroit
- Ron Piskor

Downbound from Goderich the Algosteel breaks through the ice choked mouth of the Detroit River.

Wyoming steers the stern of the Algosteel through the narrow confines of the Short Cut Drawbridge.

Superior following the Algosteel’s bow through the Short Cut passage.

Superior with Zug Island in the background

Algosteel at the confluence of the Old Channel and the Short Cut.

Superior clearing out ice between the Conrail and Jefferson Avenue drawbridges

An Algosteel crewman calling out starboard side clearances through the Jefferson Avenue drawbridge.

Algosteel swings out her unloading boom as Superior and Wyoming finalize positioning her.

1/27 - Agawa Canyon in Owen Sound - Wayne Brown
  1/27 - Historical Perspective - Don Boone
S.S. Georgian At Collingwood Cir. 1930s

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