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January 30, 31 - February 1, 2009

2/1 - Charles M. Beeghly inbound Duluth at sunset, August 20, 2008 -  Ed Labernik
1-cmbeeghly-8-20-08-el.jpg (80740 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly coming off Lake Superior.
2-cmbeeghly-8-20-08-el.jpg (74098 bytes)
Beeghly passes the North Pier Light, Duluth Ship Canal.
3-cmbeeghly-8-20-08-el.jpg (103226 bytes)
Stern view as the Beeghly passes under the Aerial Lift Bridge.
4-cmbeeghly-8-20-08-el.jpg (74031 bytes)
Stern view, Superior Bay in the Duluth Harbor.
5-cmbeeghly-8-20-08-el.jpg (100887 bytes)
Beeghly heads for the Murphy Fuel dock as a charter fishing boat follows behind.

2/1 - Minneapolis, MN lock & dam system-
Andrew Constans
1-MplsLocks-1-31-09-AC.jpg.jpg (106082 bytes)
Frozen Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock here in Minneapolis, MN
2-MplsRiverArea-1-31-09-AC..jpg (96150 bytes)
 Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock & Dam complex as seen from the Stone Arch Bridge

2/1 Historical Perspective -
S.S Heron Bay Stuck At Tibbetts Point Spring 1977 - Don Boone
Heron-Bay-in-ice-at-Tibbett.jpg (37260 bytes)
C/E On Outarde, we were Stuck too.

1/31 - Mackinaw Downbound on the Detroit River
Ron Piskor
1-mac-1-30-09-rp.jpg (39705 bytes)
As the sun breaks out it is seen entering the mouth of the Detroit River downbound between plates of wind driven ice.
2-mac-1-30-09-rp.jpg (80972 bytes)
Back in the snow the Mackinaw passes U.S. Coast Guard Station Belle Isle.
3-mac-1-30-09-rp.jpg (89206 bytes)
Now in open water the Mackinaw passes below the Ambassador Bridge.

1/31 - Maiden voyage of Algocanada on the St. Lawrence River on January 24. -
René Beauchamp
Algocanada-240109RBMTL.jpg (77691 bytes)        

1/31 Historical Perspective -
Collingwood Shipyards Launch of English River Sept. 8, 1961. Don Boone
english-river-launch.jpg (102751 bytes)        
1/30- Historical Perspectives
1-LEBlock.jpg (62955 bytes)
L.E. Block at the Soo in 1935. (me looking at it, age 8). Eric B. Johnston
S.S.-Midland-King.jpg (79078 bytes)
S.S. Midland King ready to Launch Collingwood Shipyard Aug. 1903. Don Boone
Cliffs-Victory-Soo-Locks-19.jpg (76179 bytes)
 Cliffs Victory, October 1964 at the Soo Locks. Dale Wheeler
GeorgeMHumphreySoo-vb.jpg (139255 bytes)
 Postcard of the George M. Humphrey at the Soo. Mailed from Munising, MI on 11-15-1970 w/ a 5 cent stamp. Violet Bostwick
1/30- Historical Perspective - Al Davies
Ericsson.jpg (49451 bytes)
John Ericsson is unloading at Toronto Elevators.
Venture.jpg (40895 bytes)
Northern Venture transiting the Welland Canal between Lock 2 and 3 . Note no houses.
Leitch.jpg (29275 bytes) Norris.jpg (41885 bytes)
James Norris in Toronto with a very different sky line than it is now.

1/30- Historical Perspective - Dave Edwards - Pictures I took while aboard the John Stanton as a deckhand in 1951. The John Stanton was a part of the Hutchinson Fleet and the Pioneer Steamship Company. She was built in 1905 at American Ship building Co. in Lorain, Ohio, and was 504 ft long, 54 ft wide, and had 30 telescoping hatches. The Captain in 1951 was E.P. Maxim. She was scrapped in 1962 when Pioneer Steamship Co. ceased operations. Jane Hutchinson Cauffield, John T. Hutchinson's daughter, is a friend of mine. She is still living and in her early 90's. She has the bell from the John T. Hutchinson in her living room.

ShipSnowCoveredHatches21.jpg (32137 bytes)
Ice covered hatches western end of Lake Superior in April, 1951.
Ship-ClaryForanIn-Ice.jpg (34532 bytes) StantonPics2.jpg (28513 bytes)
Forward cabins (top)
Wheelsmen taking a picture of a passing ship was taken in July as we approached Indiana Harbor. Note the open hatches. (bottom)
StantonPics3.jpg (35956 bytes)
Stone loading dock at Escanaba Michigan (top)
StantonPics4.jpg (32321 bytes)
Looking down at a bulldozer in the cargo hold (bottom)
StantonPics5.jpg (26982 bytes)
Me at age 19 operating the winch.

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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