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February 2 - 3, 2009

2/3 - St. Clair River and Lake icebreaking operations Feb. 2 - Ron Piskor
1-mac-2-2-09-rp.jpg (116972 bytes)
The Mackinaw escorting Algosar rips through heavy ice pack on the St. Clair  River near the Salt Dock.
2-maclt23-2-2-09-rp.jpg (94263 bytes)
Mackinaw downbound at Sans Souci and Light 23.
3-mac-2-2-09-rp.jpg (90613 bytes)
Mackinaw's business end working the South Channel.
4-mac-2-2-09-rp.jpg (38819 bytes)
Mackinaw enters the St. Clair Cut-off under the low winter sun.
5-grif-2-2-09-rp.jpg (93292 bytes)
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Griffon upbound at Belle Isle escorting Algoeast.
6-grifaemac-2-2-09-rp.jpg (64211 bytes)
Algoeast following Griffon into the Lake St.Clair ice pack. The downbound
Mackinaw is to the far starboard.
7-mac-2-2-09-rp.jpg (66978 bytes)
Mackinaw enters the mouth of the Detroit River.
8-alsr-2-2-09-rp.jpg (72687 bytes)
Algosar following the Mackinaw passes U.S.Coast Guard Station Belle Isle.

2/3 - Winter Lay Up Hamilton, Ont.
- John McCreery
1-Provider-Montrealais-1-27.jpg (94990 bytes)
Canadian Provider and Montrealais at pier 25 Eastport
2-Pineglen-1-27-09-jm.jpg (43789 bytes)
Pineglen at pier 12E
4-Quebecois-1-27-09-jm.jpg (111163 bytes)
Quebecois at pier 10
5-RSPierson-1-27-09-jm.jpg (104042 bytes)
Robert S Pierson at pier 11W
6-Michipicoten-1-27-09-jm.jpg (103928 bytes)
Michipicoten, Quebecois and Pierson in the slip between piers 10 and 11
7-Algosoo-Haida-1-27-09-jm.jpg (77885 bytes)
Algosoo and Haida

2/3 - Historical Perspectives - Launch of S.S. Hochelega Aug.4, 1949 Collingwood Shipyards Ltd. - Don Boone
hochelaga.jpg (121210 bytes)

2/2 - Mackinaw in Port Huron
- Ron Piskor
1-mac-2-1-09-rp.jpg (270130 bytes)
Looking down river through ice laden pilings at the Mackinaw.
2-mac-2-1-09-rp.jpg (99034 bytes)
Mackinaw's bowline.
3-mac-2-1-09-rp.jpg (67788 bytes)
Mackinaw's port side name board.
4-mac-2-1-09-rp.jpg (98841 bytes)
A view of the bridge.
5-mac-2-1-09-rp.jpg (94510 bytes)
Port side looking up stream on the St. Clair River.
6-machd-2-1-09-rp.jpg (229006 bytes)
With the mild temperatures of this day a Harley rider named Dean rode down to the Bean Dock just to pose his bike with the Mackinaw.

2/2 - Drained Welland Canal - Al Howard
glendale-bridge-1.31.2009-a.jpg (159182 bytes)
Glendale Bridge
looking-north-1.31.2009-ah-.jpg (67411 bytes)
Looking north
looking-south-1.31.2009-ah-.jpg (68949 bytes)
View south
lock7-north-end-1.31.2009-a.jpg (118116 bytes)
Lock7 north end
lock7-south-gates-1.31.2009.jpg (174138 bytes)
Lock7 south gates

2/2 - Historical Perspectives - Tom Stewart
1-algorail-boom-22-08-97-tj.jpg (339122 bytes)
Algorail at Keefer Terminal with a collapsed boom. She was unloading stone in Duluth when this happened.  - Tom Stewart
2-algorail-boom-22-08-97-tj.jpg (368999 bytes)
 She's shown at Keefer Terminal in Thunder Bay on August 22, 1997 where the damaged portion was removed.
3-ebbarber-cnoredock-1975-d.jpg (327893 bytes)
E. B. Barber shown loading at the Canadian National Ore Dock about 1975. - Donald S. Lamke
4-assiniboia-shed6-dsl0001.jpg (242915 bytes)
The passenger vessel Assiniboia is seen at Shed #6 in Fort William, Ontario. - Donald S. Lamke
5-ashcroft-kamriver-1967-ds.jpg (200386 bytes)
Ashcroft is seen in lay-up during 1967 on the Kam River across from Saskatchewan Wheat Pool #8. - Donald S. Lamke
6-battleford-keefer-portart.jpg (211909 bytes)
Package freighter Battleford is seen at Keefer Terminal in Port Arthur, Ontario. - Donald S. Lamke
7-johnthutchinson-baycity-d.jpg (142736 bytes)
John T. Hutchinson is shown at Bay City, Michigan. - David J. Story Photo courtesy of Mary Nazvesky - The photos were taken by her husband who sailed and had passed away.
8-redcross-maryncoll00011.jpg (99173 bytes)
Tanker Blue Cross owned by the B/A Oil Co.Photo courtesy of Mary Nazvesky

2/2 - Historical Perspectives - Fall 1959- S.S Murray Bay Launch  - Don Boone
murray-bay--1959.jpg (72600 bytes)
Cut the ropes let her go!


2/2 - New Feature in the Historical Perspectives Gallery

Sir James Dunn 1952 - 1989

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