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February 5 - 7 , 2009

2/7 - Mark Hannah in Ludington
Mark-Hannah-1.jpg (52662 bytes)
Stopped in the ice after a high speed pass through the Ludington channel in high crosswinds.
Mark-Hannah-2.jpg (52631 bytes) Mark-Hannah-3.jpg (52913 bytes)
The tug and barge on course in Pere Marquette Lake for the Dow Chemical dock in Ludington.
Mark-Hannah-4.jpg (56588 bytes)
Mark Hannah and barge passing the carferry Badger en route to the Dow Chemical dock.
Mark-Hannah-5.jpg (43142 bytes)
Tug and barge passing the Pere Marquette 41 at the Great Lakes Materials dock

2/7 - Historical Perspectives
- Don Boone
Sturgeon-Bay.jpg (78849 bytes)
 S.S. Sturgeon Bay at Collingwood Circa 1930's

2/6 - Canadian Coast Guard icebreaking off Belle Isle
- Ron Piskor
1-grifaln-2-5-09-rp.jpg (78874 bytes)
Through the heat waves of warmer river water in sub-zero temperatures the Griffon leads Algonova off ice covered Lake St. Clair into the Detroit River.
2-grif-2-5-09-rp.jpg (81553 bytes)
Griffon enters the Detroit River with Peche Island in the background.
3-aln-2-5-09-rp.jpg (72350 bytes)
Algonova approaching U.S. Coast Guard Station Belle Isle.


2/6 - Detroit Traffic
- Mike Nicholls
GRIFFONb05020509mn.jpg (51013 bytes)
Griffon downbound passing Waterfront Detroit.
ALGONOVAb09020409mn.jpg (60696 bytes)
Algonova downbound passing Waterfront.
MCLEODNORMANb12020509mn.jpg (44687 bytes)
Everlast - Norman Mc Leod arriving at Waterfront.
MCLEODNORMANb10020509mn.jpg (65248 bytes) EVERLASTMCLEODs13020509mn.jpg (56236 bytes)

2/6 - Goderich icebreaking
- Dale Baechler
1-Algowood-2-5-09-db.jpg (64518 bytes)
Algowood coming between the breakwalls with CCGS Samuel Risley and tug Pride.

2/6 - Historical Perspectives
- Don Boone
s-s-midland-queen.jpg (67934 bytes)
S.S. Midland Queen at Collingwood Elevator. Torpedoed 1915 WW I.

2/5 - Historical Perspectives
- Stewart J Cort and Kinsman Independent 1984 - Frank Frisk
SJCKI-1.jpg (64475 bytes)
Upbound St Clair River near Marine City first trip of the year from Lay-up in Erie, PA
SJCKI-2-.jpg (105816 bytes)      

2/4 -
Duluth / Superior lay-up  - Mike Sipper
elr-1-30-09-ms.jpg (99601 bytes)
keblat-1-30-09-ms.jpg (67074 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker and Lee A. Tregurtha
keblatav-1-30-09-ms.jpg (94983 bytes) amvi-1-30-09-ms.jpg (66416 bytes)
American Victory bow
jgm-1-30-09-ms.jpg (72482 bytes)
John G. Munson
ebs-1-30-09-ms.jpg (77256 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer
ehg-1-30-09-ms.jpg (92597 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott
wjmih-1-30-09-ms.jpg (76087 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. bow and Indiana Harbor.
stc-1-30-09-ms.jpg (100128 bytes)
St. Clair

2/4 -
Port Huron Sunday - Helen Belliveau
4-mackinaw-2-1-09hb.jpg (97581 bytes)
Mackinaw at Port Huron.
2-AtlHuron-2-1-09hb.jpg (79121 bytes)
Atlantic Huron in lay-up in Sarnia's North Slip.
3-sarnialayup-2-1-09hb.jpg (73474 bytes)
Boats laid up in Sarnia.

2/4 - Canadian Coast Guard ship Griffon breaking ice off of Grosse Ile
 - Douglas J. Strain
1-Griffon-2-2-09-djs.jpg (48159 bytes)
Griffon upbound off of Grosse Ile.
2-Griffon-2-2-09-djs.jpg (43608 bytes)
Breaking ice for the the Algoeast which was following far astern.
3-Griffon-2-2-09-djs.jpg (117044 bytes)
CCGS Griffon upbound on a cold morning.
4-Griffon-2-2-09-djs.jpg (42128 bytes)
Griffon upbound off of Grosse Ile.

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