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February 8 - 10, 2009

2/10 - Mackinaw departs Detroit Feb. 9 - Ron Piskor
1-mac-2-9-09-rp.jpg (41237 bytes)
Early morning on the river finds a hazy moon settling in behind the Ambassador Bridge as Mackinaw awaits the arrival of Algosar.
2-mac-2-9-09-rp.jpg (78979 bytes)
Mackinaw moored in the shadow of the Detroit skyline.
3-macals-2-9-09-rp.jpg (103566 bytes)
Algosar appears like a ghost ship in the morning haze.
4-macdk-2-9-09-rp.jpg (34051 bytes)
Mackinaw crabs sideways from the shoreline sharing the river with a lone duck.
5-mac-2-9-09-rp.jpg (92528 bytes)
The Mackinaw throttles-up in pursuit of Algosar.
6-mac-2-9-09-rp.jpg (21566 bytes)
The Hiram Walker distillery is seen through the morning haze as Mackinaw heads upstream to overtake Algosar.
7-mac-2-9-09-rp.jpg (50139 bytes)
Having overtaken Algosar Mackinaw passes U.S. Coast Guard Station Belle Isle.
8-als-2-9-09-rp.jpg (89951 bytes)
Algosar falls in behind the Mackinaw for their trip across Lake St. Clair.
9-mac-2-9-09-rp.jpg (126782 bytes)
Mackinaw fades into the distance leaving behind it's wake and a job well done in the lower lakes.


2/10 - Sarnia Lay-up - Dave Noordhoff
1-Ojibway-8-2-09-dn.jpg (43143 bytes)
Ojibway, bow detail showing evidence of one of her former names.
2-Mississagi-8-2-09-dn.jpg (66488 bytes)
Mississagi, port side of forward superstructure
3-Mississagi-8-2-09-dn.jpg (77782 bytes)
Mississagi, starboard side of forward superstructure
4-Manistee-8-2-09-dn.jpg (123109 bytes)
Manistee, stern with "Old Glory"
5-Manistee-8-2-09-dn.jpg (79867 bytes)
Manistee, stern detail

2-10 - Historical Perspective - Agawa ashore on Manitoulin Island. December 10, 1927 -
Don Boone
Agawa-ashore-manitoulin-isl.jpg (36400 bytes) Agawa-wave-coming-aboard--d.jpg (32171 bytes) Tug-General-Dec-11-1927-wit.jpg (93865 bytes)    

2/9 - Mackinaw in Detroit -
Ron Piskor
1-mac-2-8-09-rp.jpg (242464 bytes)
The sun sets on the Mackinaw on the eve before heading back to Cheboygan.
2-mac-2-8-09-rp.jpg (83896 bytes)
The moon rises over the Mackinaw's bow as the sun sets on her stern.
3-mac-2-8-09-rp.jpg (128181 bytes)
Twilight gathers on the Detroit River with the Ambassador Bridge in the background.

4-mac-2-8-09-rp.jpg (151397 bytes)
One last night on the river before an early morning departure for home.

2/9 - Mackinaw in Detroit -
Adrian Platts
1-Mackinaw-2-08-2008-AP.jpg (81922 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw tied up in Windsor
2-Mackinaw-2-08-2008-AP.jpg (87878 bytes)
Arriving from a short trip down river, Mackinaw moves sideways into Detroit
3-Mackinaw-2-08-2008-AP.jpg (90029 bytes)
Approaches the Detroit Riverwalk watched by some bemused security
4-Mackinaw-2-08-2008-AP.jpg (90471 bytes)
Throws lines and ties up in Detroit

2/9 - Barge Great Lakes and tug Michigan in Traverse City -
Danny Hecko
1-GreatLakesMichigan.jpg (69029 bytes) 2-GreatLakesMichigan.jpg (75834 bytes) 3-GreatLakesMichigan.jpg (81279 bytes)

2/9 - Great Lakes built yacht in Florida -
Bill Hoey
Vitamin2-7-09wah.jpg (174918 bytes)
In the shadow of a cruise ship Vitamin crosses Port Everglades.  The 120 foot yacht is seventh of her class built by Palmer Johnson of Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin.  Her twin, hull 120-6 is Ocean Drive which is in the Miami Boat Show this week.  Vitamin is most likely being used by Palmer Johnson as a test drive boat to sell the two unsold yachts.
Vitamin3-2-2-7-09wah.jpg (117071 bytes)
Close up of the stern of Vitamin, showing her paper and tape home port of Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin, not quite up to the quality of the rest of the yacht.
VitaminLaunch.jpg (89179 bytes)
Palmer Johnson's photo of the launching of the Vitamin at Sturgeon Bay in the fall of 2008.


2-8 - Historical Perspective - Launch of the S.S. Westmount. May 4, 1917 -
Don Boone
Westmount-Launch.jpg (53981 bytes)
Photo taken from the burned
out hull of the Germanic

2-8 - Goderich Feb. 8 -
Dale Baechler
1-Algosteel-2-7-09-db.jpg (97574 bytes)
Algosteel, with CCGS Samuel Risley backing toward the breakwalls.
2-Algosteel-2-7-09-db.jpg (62984 bytes)
In side the breakwalls.
3-Algosteel-2-7-09-db.jpg (56435 bytes)
Approaching the north pier and Sifto Salt dock.


 2-8 - Historical Perspective - Joseph H. Thompson Photos - 1985 - Robert F. Hale
Joseph-Thompson-Marinette9-.jpg (75739 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson at Marinette, mid-September 1985.
Joseph-Thompson-Marinette-9.jpg (42502 bytes) Joseph-Thompson--Marinette-.jpg (48475 bytes)
Stern work.

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